Short Story Homework Assignments 2007

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Note: Dates are the date the homework is assigned. Unless otherwise noted, the assignment is due at the beginning of the next class.

December 3

November 30

November 28

November 26

November 19

November 15

Draft more of story (at least one more scene)—play with symbol—what object that is already naturally in the story could mean more than it already does (private symbol or public symbol)? Purposefully use that object for a particular purpose in your next scene. Bring your typed draft to class next time—we will critique.

November 13

November 8

November 6

November 1

October 30

October 26

October 24

October 22

October 18

October 16

October 12

October 10

October 8

October 3

mark your text according to your key--don't worry--some will overlap

October 1

September 27

September 25

September 21

September 19

September 17

September 11/13

You will have next class to work on your sketch--bring all materials with you. class number: 1998382 password: viking

September 7

September 5

August 31

August 29

Notice how Bernard Cooper slows down the process and lets you savor the details. We are going to refer to this close look as MAGNIFICATION. Of course you will not want to magnify everything, but some actions or objects will be important to your character's development and so you will want to slow down the action.

August 27

August 23