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The mission of PNH is to develop self-directed, creative, critical thinkers who are socially responsible people prepared for an ever-changing world.
In an effort to teach the concepts of our school mission, we will be recognizing students for outstanding citizenship, for GPA, improved GPA, perfect attendance as well as having students recognize peers who they see exhibiting social responsibility in our school community.
Outstanding Citizenship—5 or more O’s
Each six week marking period students with five or more outstanding citizenship marks will be invited to a donut party during academic lab. Names will be included on Infinite Campus school notice, on the school website and in the Principal’s Newsletter.
Academic Achievement—4.0 or Higher GPA and .5 Improved GPA
Each marking period notes will be sent to the academic lab of each student earning a 4.0 or higher grade point average and to those students who have improved their grade point average by .5 from one marking period to the next.
Perfect Attendance—No Tardies, No Unexcused Absences
Students with no tardies and no unexcused absences for an entire semester will be invited to a pizza party during lunch.
Contributions to School—Students Recognizing Students
Each Drug Free Council Member (5) was asked to select two classmates outside of his/her immediate social group who exhibit traits from our school mission. 
The students selected exhibited the following:
1) Positive Role Model
2) Involvement in Community Service
3) Leadership Traits
4) Good Citizenship
Each of the 10 students selected will in turn select one student outside of their social group who also exhibits these traits to be recognized the next month. We will continue this process once per month (Sept. through May) through the end of the year. The certificates of recognition will be posted outside the bookstore.



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