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Principal: Jenny Marquart 415-7601
Secretary: 415-7602

Grade Principal Phone
Building Ms. Jenny Marquart 415-7601
12 Ms. Rhonda Page 415-7603
11 Dr. Karen Calcaterra 415-7607
10 Mr. Keith Sanders 415-7605
9 Mr. Robert Gaugh 415-7609

Activities Director: Kris Kellams 415-7637

North High Switchboard:
(7:30 - 3:30) 415-7600


Jeanne Weinberg 415-7624
College & Carrer Coordinator: Stephanie Martin 415-7622
Social Worker: Barb Citerman 415-7623

Counselor Assignments 2010-2011

Last Name of Student Counselor Phone
A - C
Mr. Paul Arthur 415-7617
D - H
Ms. Lindsay Hoff 415-7616
I - M
Ms.Erin Schulte 415-7621
N - S
Ms. Chandra Brown 415-7619
T - Z
Ms. Beth Prost 415-7618

Krista Stephen 415-7630 Nurse Office Assistant: Karen Deveydt 415-7629

Bus Issues: Parkway--Late Bus 415-8409
Parkway--Routes 415-8406
VST (Laidlaw) 415-8065

Parkway SAFELINE: 415-SAFE
Parkway Administrative Center: 415-8100
Inclement Weather: 415-SNOW

Daily Schedule

Time A Day B Day

8:00 - 9:30 1st Block 5th Block

9:35 - 11:05 2nd Block* 6th Block (Ac Lab)*

11:10 - 1:15 3rd Block 7th Block
& Lunch & Lunch

1:20 - 2:50 4th Block* 8th Block*

* Includes 2 minutes of announcements

Lunch occurs during your 3rd Block A Days and 7th Block B Days. Lunch Period is determined by 3rd and 7th Block classes.

1st Lunch 11:05 - 11:35
2nd Lunch 11:35 - 12:05
3rd Lunch 12:10 - 12:40

During Lunch students must remain in the Commons or the East or North courtyards.


In an effort to enhance our students’ educational experiences and better communicate with the North community, Parkway North has a web page on the school district’s domain.

Parkway’s web page:
North’s web

Additionally, all North staff members can be contacted by e-mail. The e-mail directory can be found at:

vikingHead North for Excellenceviking

In 1993 a committee of students and parents sought to develop a slogan to build upon the motto of "Purple Pride". After reviewing the outstanding accomplishments of our students throughout the years, the committee concurred that everyone should "Head North for Excellence!" As you anticipate the coming school year, you can be confident that North High will continue its tradition of serving students by providing challenges and opportunities for personal growth.

To help serve our students, the staff and administration provide students with guidelines and expectations. These guidelines and procedures are explained in this Parent-Student Handbook. Please, help us continue the tradition of quality for each of our students at North by reviewing these expectations thoroughly.

One of the first steps in being a supportive member of the North High community is knowing the philosophy of your school. On the next page you will find four simple sentences. These sentences state the focus for 2004-2005. We encourage you to review the North High philosophy; know the words which influence your school's decisions. Students and teachers developed these words to guide our actions and decisions at North. We strive to act according to these words.

The 2002-2003 school year promises to be a year filled with high hopes and expectations for all students' success. Much of our students' success has resulted from seeking opportunities in and out of the classroom. North High's students continue to round out their high school experience by being active in our numerous athletic and activity programs.

We hope you will support North's traditions of excellence and success through your involvement in your school. By being involved, you will help North High continue to be a place of Purple Pride.



We believe that education encompasses all that contributes to both the academic and personal development of the individual. Parkway North High School provides an environment which fosters intellectual growth and aesthetic awareness. In addition to acquiring knowledge, students develop physical well being, form and clarify values, broaden social skills, and find career oriented direction. These objectives promote self-esteem and the pursuit of a happy, productive life.

Parkway North High School supports an educational program that is sensitive to human need and worth, and recognizes individual goals and multi-cultural diversity. Hence, we offer a balanced, regularly evaluated program of prescribed and elective courses, support services, and extracurricular opportunities.


North High encourages its community to think, to appreciate differences, to accept responsibilities, and to become life-long learners.


  1. Teaching and learning are the major purposes of Parkway North High School.
  2. The needs of students are the major determinants of organizational behavior.
  3. Challenges and expectations are more effective motivators than rules and regulations.
  4. Student participation in the activity/athletic program is necessary in order to round out the total high school experience.


Your success at North will depend heavily upon regular school attendance. Students, parents, and the school all have responsibilities in this area.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students are expected to be in school each day and be on time for each block.
  2. Students must remain on campus the entire day. This includes lunch periods and Academic Lab.
  3. Students are not to go to the parking lots or leave campus at any time.
  4. Students arriving late must report to the Attendance Office near Guidance to sign in.
  5. Students arriving on a late bus are to report there for a late bus admittance.
    Students needing to leave campus during the day must obtain dismissal slip from the Attendance Office prior to leaving campus. Obtaining the pass requires a phone call from a parent stating the reason for the early dismissal. The dismissal slip must be presented to teachers when the students leave and when they return.
  6. Students are expected to request makeup work within 48 hours of their absence. Makeup work is a student’s responsibility and is to be initiated by the student.
  7. Students are to follow the individual teacher’s guidelines on length of time to turn in their makeup work.
  8. Excessive absences will, naturally, adversely affect students’ academic achievement. This could lead to a failing grade and loss of credit for the course. Absences due to extended illness will be excused when a doctor’s statement is received by the school.

Parental Responsibilities

  1. Absences are excused only when a parent or guardian calls the the grade level office within 24 hours of the child’s absence. These calls are answered by the grade level secretary. Voice Mail is available 24 hours a day for parents to leave such messages after regular school hours.
  2. By board policy, the following are considered excused absences:
    • Illness of the student
    • Death in the student’s immediate family
    • Certain days for religious observance
    • Medical or dental appointments
    • Court appearance
    • Quarantine or hospital confinement
    • Planned absence with prior approval
    • Field trips or other school initiated absences
    • Emergency or set of circumstances that, in the judgment of the principal, constitutes a reasonable cause of absence from school. (Oversleeping, car trouble, missing the bus, running parental errands, babysitting, etc. are NOT emergencies)
  3. If parents do not call the grade level office prior to 9:30AM, we will make attempts to contact them at home or work to verify a student’s absence.
  4. If students are on a school trip (either for the day or for several days), parents do not need to report their absence, as their teacher will have reported them being on the trip.
  5. Parents must call the grade level office when their child will arrive after the start of the day due to an appointment or emergency or must leave early for these reasons.
  6. North recognizes that students may miss school due to planned absences resulting from unusual circumstances. Parents are asked to have their child complete a “Request for Planned Absence” form for anticipated absences exceeding a full day. Plans can then be made by the teacher, student and parents to determine the impact of that absence on the class grade. Examples of a planned absence include: family vacation (outside of the regular school vacation periods), college visitations and personal business that can not be handled outside of regular school hours. Students are to obtain a “Request for Planned Absence” form from the Attendance Office at least seven (7) days prior to the absence. This form is to be completed by parents and teachers and returned to the Attendance Office at least five (5) days before the days of absence.
  7. Parents may ask the Guidance Department to request assignments from the teachers if their child will be out for an extended time due to illness/hospitalization. Expect to pick up work no sooner than the following day.
  8. Parents are encouraged to confer with school personnel whenever they become aware of or suspect an attendance error with their child. Contact the child’s teacher, counselor, or grade level administrator for assistance.

Faculty Responsibilities

Parkway North employs the following methods to prevent attendance problems:

  1. Teachers may either phone the parents or send home an “Attendance Warning” whenever absences become detrimental to the student’s progress.
  2. A “Special Attendance Notice” will be sent home if absences persist and a passing grade is in jeopardy. Parents should respond to this notice by talking directly with the teacher to determine the student’s status in the course.
  3. The grade level administrator may intervene by:
    • requesting a conference with the student, parent, and other school personnel.
    • detaining the student after school to make up missed classes.
    • removing the student from school.
  4. A discussion will occur between teacher and student regarding consequences received due to attendance problems to assure an understanding of the situation.
  5. If absences persist, referral may be made to the Family Court regarding the truancy.


  1. Parents communicate with the grade level office. The grade level secretary will then notify teachers, counselor and grade level administrator.
  2. Parents contact the appropriate counselor to facilitate needed communication with teachers and the possibility of home-bound tutoring when appropriate.
  3. Administrator and counselor recommend to parents methods used by teachers to provide homework for students on long term absences. Communication among teachers, counselor, and grade level administrator is crucial.
  4. If a student is absent for two weeks or longer, please notify the nurse. Following such an extended absence, a doctor’s letter or hospital discharge papers will be needed to return to school.


It is the practice of Parkway North to respect the religious beliefs of all people and all faiths. When a student is required to miss school because of religious commitments, the parents should communicate this to the school prior to the absence so that all proper consideration can be given. It shall be the general practice of the school that tests are not to be administered on major religious holy days or the day following such an occasion. Teachers will make every effort to assist students in completing missed assignments.


North High makes computers available to students in computer labs, classrooms and the Instructional Media Center. Students may use this technology for research, communication and the completion of class assignments. Students who abuse this privilege by producing offensive work or accessing inappropriate web sites shall be restricted from computer use.


Field trips are valuable learning experiences when they augment the curricular activities of a course by providing experiences which would not otherwise be available to students.

Students who go on field trips must

  • ask teachers what work will be missed.
  • provide the individual permission forms to classroom teachers at least 7 days before the field trip.
  • return the parent consent form by the date specified.
  • do timely follow-up on assignments and completion of missed work.
  • demonstrate consideration for all teachers. This consideration should be demonstrated with verbal notice and reminders from the student and requests for work for absences.

In general, students should make all efforts to cooperate with and respect all teachers involved in field trip issues to facilitate their optimum learning.

Parents whose teens go on field trips must

  • review the permission forms and decide whether or not to grant permission.
  • remind students of their responsibilities regarding absences from other classes for field trips.

In general, parents should be aware of the issues involved in participation in field trips and help teens make wise choices regarding participation in such events. This is particularly important for students who have numerous field trip opportunities that may result in excessive absences from other classes.


Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege - not a right.

The Parkway School District retains authority to conduct routine patrols of student parking lots and inspections of the exteriors of student automobiles on school property. The Parkway School District may inspect the interiors of student automobiles whenever a school authority has reasonable suspicion to believe illegal or unauthorized materials are contained inside the automobiles. If a student fails to provide access to the interior of a car upon request by a school official, the student will be subject to school disciplinary action. Students must possess a valid driver’s license and have their cars properly insured. A student may not return to the parking lot during school hours without a pass from a teacher or an administrator


  1. Student parking will be by assigned space.
  2. Parking permits cost $75.00 each. Permits are property of North High and may not be sold, given or loaned to other students for any reason.
  3. All fees and fines must be paid in order to purchase a permit.
  4. Lost permits must be replaced by paying $5.00 fee.
  5. Illegally parked cars will be assessed a $5.00 fee per day.
  6. Only Juniors and Seniors may obtain a parking permit. Freshmen and Sophomores who park illegally on campus may not be eligible to purchase a parking permit for their Junior or Senior year.

Repeated violations of these conditions shall result in increasingly severe consequences, including revocation of parking privileges and suspension from school.
Current Parkway North High parking permits must be displayed on all cars parked in our lots. Students are to park only in their assigned space. No student parking is allowed on the staff lot. The North lot is reserved for the school staff and school bus traffic.


Students must board buses at designated bus stops and demonstrate good behavior while on the buses.

  1. Activity and athletic buses are provided for students remaining after school for activities.
  2. Activity buses leave North at 4:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday. These buses depart from the south side of the school.
  3. Athletic buses depart daily at approximately 5:30 p.m., also from the south side of the school.


We believe that the school has an obligation to encourage desirable standards in dress and grooming. Teacher expectations for their classrooms will be supported. Please follow these guidelines:

  1. No caps/hats or fashion head attire during the school day.
  2. No bare feet and/or socks only. Shoes are required at all times for safety and sanitation.
  3. No risque or distracting apparel (including bare midriffs, spaghetti straps and strapless tops). This applies to all students.
  4. No clothes that are suggestive, obscene, or contain inappropriate writing (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs).
  5. No clothes or symbols suggesting gang affiliation (sagging pants, colors, bandanas).


According to district policy, beepers/pagers and cellular phones are not allowed at school at ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON

No radios, CD players or headphones are to be worn during school hours. These should be put away in your book bag or locker and not visible during school hours.

Electronic devices may be confiscated at any time.


Personal property that is lost or stolen can cause students a good deal of grief. Personal articles "disappear" most often when students are careless. We ask that you protect your property by:

  1. Securing both your hall and P.E. lockers with heavy-duty locks.
  2. Bringing the minimum amount of money needed to get through the school day.
  3. Leaving expensive jewelry, cameras, radios, etc. at home.
  4. Writing your name, initials, or other identifying mark on your possessions. (Monogramming expensive coats makes them less valuable to those who steal such items.)
  5. Refraining from loaning things to others, particularly those you do not know well.
  6. Not “holding” things for others, as they may be stolen goods and you may held responsible for possessing them.
  7. Not leaving your possessions lying around unattended.

Remember, the school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. If you do lose something; however, report it immediately to your teacher or your grade level principal and the School Resource Officer.


  1. Student lockers are the property of the Parkway School District.
  2. Student lockers remain at all times under the control of the Parkway School District.
  3. Students are expected to assume full responsibility for their school locker.
  4. Parkway retains the right to inspect student lockers for any reason at any time.
  5. Students are required to have a lock on their locker at all times or it will be emptied and removed from student use. A separate lock should be used for P.E. lockers.



To minimize disruption to the educational process, visitors are not permitted during school hours. Former students or other visitors are encouraged to visit teachers after school or by appointment.


Parents wishing to visit school should make an appointment with the person whom they wish to visit. Upon arrival at school, parents should sign in at the nearest administrative office (in Gym Lobby or in Commons) to receive a visitor pass.


Board of Education policy states that soliciting or selling of merchandise, tickets, or subscriptions by pupils shall be limited to activities sponsored by the school.


If parents find it essential to contact a student during the school day, they should call the student’s grade level office. A message will be delivered at the earliest convenient time so that classes will not be disrupted. These calls should be held to an absolute minimum.
Parents wishing to have flowers, birthday cakes, etc. delivered to a student by an outside business must obtain permission from their grade level office.


North High strives to instill a respect for the world in which we live. As part of this effort, we are committed to recycling paper, aluminum and plastic attempting to reduce the volume of trash.



Credits are granted by the semester. Most courses carry a 1/2 credit per semester. Grades, which have assigned point values, are used to determine the grade point average (GPA). Point values for regular and honor courses are listed below:


I = Incomplete -credit is held until all course requirements are completed
X = Medical Excuse -does not affect your average
AU = Audit -student audits course, doing all work, but receives no credit

Prior to the second week of the semester, a student desiring to take a course on a pass/fail basis shall submit request to his/her counselor and the building level principal.


One of four grades will be given for each class:

O Outstanding - exemplary contributions to the class activities and discussions.

S Satisfactory - student's behavior meets teacher expectation.

I Improvement - student's behavior does not meet Needed teacher expectation.

U Unsatisfactory -student's behavior is well below expectation. A conference between the teacher and parent is suggested.


It is possible for students to enroll at both North and a local college if this arrangement best serves their educational needs. Seniors only who believe this may be appropriate for them should discuss it with their counselor and obtain the approval of the principal. Requirements for Seniors to be dual enrolled:

1) second semester only 2) enrolled in 3 classes at Parkway North High.


Within 4 years, seniors only may take a maximum of 4 correspondence courses. No skill related courses are to be taken through correspondence (keyboarding, P.E., etc.). Required courses may not to be taken through correspondence.


Academic Lab (6th Block, B Day) provides an opportunity for students to work on class assignments and study under teacher supervision. Students also have the opportunity to “travel” to meet and confer with their teachers for clarification or help with assignments. Traveling may be restricted at times to accommodate class/school assemblies and/or facilitate school business (such as student government elections and registration). Additionally, individual students may be restricted from traveling if they abuse the privilege.


The Board of Education believes that learning is a lifelong process that takes place not only in the classroom, but also in the home and community. Therefore, homework is important as an integral part of the educational process. For purposes of policy, homework is defined as an assignment that students complete outside of regular classroom time. Properly designed homework helps students develop responsibility, independence and time management skills. It creates interest on the part of the students promoting the learning process after class hours and, indeed, throughout life. It provides an important channel of communication between the home and the school. It is the intent of the Board of Education that appropriate homework be assigned at all grade levels and that such assignments reflect increasing responsibility and skill development on the part of students. It is further the intent of the Board of Education that homework guidelines be coordinated among schools and articulated between grade levels, especially within each K-12 attendance area.

Teacher Responsibilities

Teachers will explain homework expectations to students. Teachers will make every effort to assist students in completing missed assignments. Teachers are encouraged to avoid making assignments which require students to complete work during winter and/or spring break.


Cheating, whether inside or outside the classroom setting, is unethical. Faculty members are responsible for providing their students with complete and proper instructions regarding academic expectations.

Students are responsible for the honest response to these expectations. Students who share their work with others, as well as those who misrepresent the work of others as their own (including work taken from the Internet), may be considered to be cheating. In cases of cheating, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. The following guidelines have been set down for use by the teachers:

  1. Students cheating on tests or assignments should receive a zero for the test or assignment in question.
  2. Students who cheat may receive an Unsatisfactory citizenship mark.
  3. The teacher will notify parents.
  4. In some cases, more severe consequences may be deemed necessary by the teacher. If this is so, the teacher will confer with a principal.


Parkway School District requires the following credits for graduation; English 3, Social Studies 3, Science 2 , Math 2, Fine Arts 1, Practical Arts 1, Physical Education 1, Health 1/2 and Electives 10 1/2 for a total of 24 credits. We emphasize that these are the minimum graduation requirements.

Most students at North elect to take four years of English, and extra units of Math and Science. Students must also pass the U.S. Constitution test and the Missouri Constitution test.

In order for seniors to participate in Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises, they must have completed all but one credit required for graduation and have an approved plan for completing the remaining requirements by the end of the following summer. This plan will be made with the counselor.


Parkway North High students will attend high school eight semesters in order to round out their high school experience and preparation for college and careers. In rare cases, extenuating circumstances may be considered for students demonstrating a need for early termination. Students demonstrating such extenuating circumstances may appeal to their counselor and to the building principal for consideration. North High considers the 24 credit requirement for graduation to be a minimum expectation for students, not a maximum expectation. Circumstances considered are:

  1. Foreign students needing a year of college before returning home.
  2. Students experiencing emotional or psychological needs to the extent that they need to leave the high school environment as soon as possible.
  3. Seniors who are moving out of the district and want a Parkway diploma.
  4. Students given a medical recommendation.



North's counselors help students with educational, vocational and personal decision-making issues. You are assigned a counselor who remains with you until graduation. Your counselor works closely with your grade level principal, who also remains with you through graduation.

Counselor Assignments 2010-2011

Last Name of Student Counselor Phone
A - C
Mr. Paul Arthur 415-7617
D - H
Ms. Lindsay Hoff 415-7616
I - M
Ms.Erin Schulte 415-7621
N - S
Ms. Chandra Brown 415-7619
T - Z
Ms. Beth Prost 415-7618


Additionally, North has a college counselor who helps all students prepare for and apply to colleges and a social worker to help all students with family and life problems.

Judie Northcutt College Counselor 415-7616

Barb Citerman Social Worker 415-7623

Students and parents should become acquainted with the assigned counselor and remain in close contact throughout high school.

All enrollment, withdrawal and academic record issues are coordinated by North’s registrar, Karen Churchill, (314-415-7624).


Before the semester begins, a request to change courses will be considered if changing the course is within the minimum and maximum number of required students. Such changes will be made if a student has failed a class, has not had a prerequisite class, needs a class to meet graduation requirements or completed a class in summer school. See your counselor to make change requests.

Requests to change teachers, class periods, or semesters will not be accepted.

Schedule changes during the semester may result in students not having enough time in either class to earn credit for the semester.


The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is given in October. It is the qualifying test for National Merit Scholarships. The American College Testing (ACT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) are each given several times during the school year. Registration forms for the ACT and SAT are provided in the Guidance and Counseling Center. Registration and test dates are posted in the Commons.


Eligible students or parents/guardians may request free of charge up to 10 copies of their records. Any request exceeding ten (10) copies will be charged $3.00 per copy. Report cards and diplomas will be held if you have failed to pay fines (see information on fines on page 26).


A parent who wishes to withdraw his/her child from school must sign a withdrawal form. Forms are available from the registrar in Guidance and Counseling Center.


The nurse's office is located in the Student Services office complex (east side of the Commons). The nurse is assisted by a health assistant. The nurse knows about teenage health problems and is ready to consult with students and parents, providing information and referrals.

A student who feels ill or has a minor injury and requests to see the nurse during class must obtain a pass from his/her teacher. The nurse will contact the parent/guardian regarding any illness or injury that may appear to be of a serious nature. In order to meet the needs of your child, the nurse needs to know of any change in your child’s health. It is very important to keep telephone numbers and other emergency information up to date. Also, notify the school if your child has any contagious illness. This will assist the school personnel to help monitor and limit the spread of contagious disease.

Occasionally, the nurse may decide that an ill or injured student should go home. In this case, the nurse will telephone the parents or guardian and request that they pick up their child or will obtain permission for the student to go home on his/her own.

The parents may arrange with the nurse for another person to pick up the student. The Pupil Information (PI) form must have the current names and phone numbers of other individuals who can be available to pick up the student. Ill and injured students cannot leave school without first consulting the nurse and obtaining the school’s permission.


The nurse or other staff member will call an ambulance for any illness or injury they deem life threatening and will send the student to the nearest hospital. The caller will make every attempt to locate the parent/guardian using the information from the Pupil Information (PI) form.

The Pupil Information (PI) form is sent home at the beginning of each school year for the parent/guardian to complete, update and sign. This form must be returned to the school as soon as possible after school has started in the fall.

Health Information forms are available from the nurse to be completed by the parent/guardian yearly. This form is essential for the nurse and school staff to meet the health care needs of any student with health problems that may impact the student’s activities at school. If you have any questions, please call the nurse (314-415-7630).

If parents go out of town, they should leave the temporary guardian's name and number with the nurse and grade level office accompanied by any important instructions.


Students are required by the State of Missouri to be current with all immunizations. All immunizations must be up to date before students will be permitted to attend classes.

Students must present documentation from their doctor or clinic verifying immunizations are current. These must include month, day and year. Religious and medical exemptions will be allowed but must be on Missouri official forms available from the nurse. Immunization records and/or exemptions must be in the nurse's office on the 1st day of school or the student will be excluded from school.

Parents please note that the most frequent immunization required in high school is Tetanus/Diphtheria booster shot that is due within 10 years after the last DPT shot which is given prior to kindergarten. Please provide records of all immunizations to the school at the time they are given.

Medication at School

All prescription medication must be administered by the school nurse. All prescription medications are to be given to the nurse by the student or parent at the beginning of the school day. All prescribed medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the nurse’s office. The medication must be in its original container with a pharmacy label affixed. The pharmacy label must show the following information:

  1. The name of the student.
  2. The dosage and the schedule of administration.
  3. The prescription name.
  4. The most recent date purchased.
  5. The physician’s name.

In addition, a written request from the student's parent/guardian is needed for the nurse to give each medication. This is required for each and every medication. The statement should indicate the reason the medication is given and any circumstances of which the nurse should be aware. If the prescription is discontinued or the dosage is changed, please notify the nurse in writing as soon as possible. Please call for immediate changes. If your child is on long-term medication at school, please call periodically to discuss his/her progress with the medication procedure.

Emergency Prescription Medications

Epi-pen injection and Asthma inhalers may be carried by students and must be accompanied by a written note from the parents/guardians. A form letter authorizing students to self-administer their medication can be obtained from the nurse for the parents/guardians to sign. An extra such emergency prescription medication should also be kept by the nurse for those students who may experience health emergencies.

Non-prescription (Over the Counter) Medicine

The parent/guardian must provide all non-prescription medication required by the student. The parent has two options.

  1. Students may carry their own non-prescription medicine in the high school under the following requirements:
    • The medicine should be in its original container (smallest size possible).
    • A written note from the parent/guardian giving permission for the student to carry and take the stated medication.
    • The student must not share his/her medicine with anyone else, under any circumstances.
  2. Students may keep over the counter medicine in the Nurse’s Office, but must have a written order from their doctor and a written consent from their parent/guardian.


The library serves the educational needs of students by providing instruction, materials, and technologies. Members of the library staff work closely with classroom teachers in order to facilitate and enhance student learning.

The library and the adjoining computer lab are open for student use before and after school.

Monday - Thursday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Friday: 7:00 AM - 3:15 PM

Students, who obtain a pass from their teacher, are also welcome to use the library and lab to work on school projects at any time during the school day. During lunch periods, students may present a pass from any teacher, administrator or guidance counselor.

Students are expected to use the Internet for research purposes only. If students needs to use the Internet, the subject of the research should be noted on the pass from the teacher. Students may not check personal e-mail accounts, visit chat rooms, play games or use school Internet access for any other non-academic purpose.

Library and computer lab staff are always available and enthusiastic about assisting students with their work.


Parkway North offers 21 different sports and is a member of the Suburban South Conference. Our athletic program needs you. We encourage you to get involved as a player, manager, trainer, or spectator.

Sportsmanship at Athletic Events

The Parkway School District supports outstanding athletic programs. Ours is a tradition of teamwork, sportsmanship and respect. Parkway takes pride in the behavior of our fans attending each contest. Appropriate behavior is the hallmark of outstanding citizenship and a reputation enjoyed by the Parkway community. Parkway fans . . .

  • are considerate of our guests and others who come to watch games. We don’t embarrass ourselves or our school with rude behavior.
  • respect athletic events as extensions of the classroom. We understand that inappropriate language is not acceptable.
  • celebrate effort as well as success. Parkway fans cheer for their team and never ridicule players or officials. We win graciously and lose graciously.
  • recognize visitors as guests in our building. We are friendly and helpful in directing them to telephones, restrooms and other forms of assistance.

The admission price to home athletic contests is $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for students. If you have any questions about our sports program, contact our Athletic Administrator (415-7637 or 415-7638) or see one of the coaches.


Fall Sports Programs

  • Football
  • Girls Softball
  • Water Polo
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Girls Tennis
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Field Hockey
  • Girls Golf

Winter Sports Programs

  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Boys Swimming

Spring Sports Programs

  • Baseball
  • Girls Swimming
  • Track
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Golf
  • Boys Volleyball

In order to play on a North High athletic squad, you must:

  1. Take a physical examination after February 1st.
  2. Have your doctor and parents complete the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) form.
  3. Satisfy the MSHSAA residency requirement.
  4. Be presently enrolled in 2.50 units of credit.
  5. Have passed 2.50 units of credit the semester preceding competition.
  6. Exhibit good school citizenship to maintain eligibility for athletics.
  7. Not have reached the age of 16 prior to July 1 preceding the opening of school for freshman competition.
  8. Not have reached the age of 19 prior to July 1 preceding the opening of school for upper level teams.


At North we offer a full range of co-curricular activities to meet the needs and interests of our students. Some of the clubs have special membership requirements, but many are open to all students.

If you and your friends have a special interest that is not being promoted by one of our present clubs, feel free to organize a new club. Your club must have a worthwhile purpose, a faculty sponsor, and approval by the administration. If you would like to organize a new club, see Ms. Kellams.

The Parkway North Clubs and Activities book is available to you each fall that gives a complete listing of all clubs, sponsors, purposes, membership requirements, and special projects. Some of the clubs are:

  • Astronomy Club
  • Jr. Classical League (Latin)
  • C-Connect Key Club (Comm Serv)
  • Chess Club
  • Meat Club
  • DECA (Marketing)
  • Mock Trial
  • Eco-Act
  • Model United Nations
  • FBLA (Business Ldrs.)
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • Forensics (Speech & Debate)
  • Peer Teaching
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • PNH Steppers
  • Grapevine (Lit Mag)
  • Science Olympiad
  • High School Heroes
  • Students in Politics
  • International Club
  • Tutoring Club
  • Intramurals
  • Video Game Club

Those students interested in the performing arts can also find rewarding opportunities in the orchestra, stage and marching bands, choirs, and theater.

Unless a group is registered as an official school organization with faculty in charge, the group may not function in the name of the school. Such groups should make every effort to present themselves at all times as community groups and not as school organizations. The Lacrosse Club, Ice Hockey Club and various community groups that sponsor teams are examples of community activities that are not school sponsored.


  • Students must follow all school rules and policies while attending any North dance.
  • Once students leave a dance, they will not be allowed to return.
  • Students currently under suspension and/or expulsion will not be allowed to attend a dance.

Mixers and "Theme" Dances

  1. School-wide mixers and "theme" dances are open to North students only!


  1. Homecoming is a semi-formal dance; students must dress appropriately.
  2. All fines must be paid to purchase tickets (see p. 26).
  3. Permission forms to bring dates from other schools may be obtained from the book store. They must be completed and returned to your grade level principal five (5) days prior to purchasing tickets for the dance.


  1. Only North Juniors and Seniors and their dates may attend Prom.
  2. Ticket price includes admission and dinner. Tickets may not be transferred to other students at any time. Tickets must be purchased at least one week prior to the dance since reservations will need to be confirmed to the hotel by that time.
  3. All fines must be paid to purchase tickets (see p. 26).
  4. Formal attire is required.
  5. Permission forms to bring dates from other schools may be obtained from the book store. They must be completed and returned to your grade level principal five (5) days prior to purchasing tickets for the dance.


Fines may be assessed for various reasons. The most common are :

  • parking violations
  • damage to textbooks
  • damage to school property

Fines may be paid in the Bookstore.

You must pay all fines before:

  1. obtaining a parking permit
  2. obtaining a report card
  3. obtaining a diploma
  4. purchasing Homecoming or Prom tickets
  5. obtaining Graduation ticket


The use of tobacco and breathing of secondary smoke are detrimental to one's health. Students are not allowed to smoke at anytime. The use of tobacco on school buses is also prohibited.

Students who violate the smoking policy will receive Saturday School or In-School Suspension. Violators may be required to complete an educational program on the dangers of smoking. Repeat offenders will face Out-of-School suspension.

Family Court of St. Louis County has advised that due to State Statute revisions, tobacco charges no longer fall under the Juvenile Code.

Therefore, all juveniles charged with violating either of the tobacco related ordinances listed below should no longer be referred to Juvenile Court but shall now be issued an Arrest Notification Summons as outlined in Department General Order 92-37.

Since Tobacco related violations in St. Louis County come under the Public Health Code Section of the St. Louis County Ordinances, an Arrest Notification Summons for these violations may be issued anywhere in St. Louis County.

602.300/b - Prohibition of Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors

It shall be unlawful for any individual under the age of 18 to purchase, possess, accept receipt of or attempt to purchase or accept receipt of tobacco products.

602.320 - Prohibition of Smoking in School Buildings

It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke or carry any lighted cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other tobacco products inside or on school property within three hundred (300) feet of any elementary, middle or secondary school building, including both public and private school buildings and school buildings.


The Board of Education is committed to maintaining an environment for its employees and students which is free from sexual harassment.

Furthermore, the Board of Education strongly believes that no person in the Parkway School District shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity.

Complaints involving students

  1. If a student believes he or she is being sexually harassed, the student should bring the concern to the attention of the building principal.
  2. If the student feels that such contact with the building principal would be inappropriate, if the situation is not satisfactorily resolved by the building principal, or if the student simply feels more comfortable speaking to someone other than the building principal, the student should contact the appropriate Assistant Superintendent in the school district.
  3. If neither the student's building principal nor the Assistant Superintendent is of the same sex as the student, or the student for any other reason would prefer to report the student's concern to another administrator within the District, the student may do so. However, it is essential that the report be made to someone with the authority and obligation to act upon the concern.
  4. Following the receipt of the concern, District personnel will fully investigate the concern and notify the student of the results of the investigation. Investigations undertaken will be cognizant of the rights of all involved parties.
  5. The district will maintain the confidentiality of the concern and details of the investigation to the fullest extent possible.
  6. If the investigation substantiates the validity of sexual harassment the District will take appropriate disciplinary action against the offender(s). If the offender is an employee of the school district, the disciplinary action could be as severe as termination of employment. If the offender is another student, disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the Board established Policy JG. If the offender is not an employee of the District, the District will take appropriate action within the scope of its authority to eliminate and redress the harassment.
  7. There will be no retaliation or adverse treatment of any student who chooses to use this procedure to resolve a concern.
  8. The responsible administrator should regularly follow-up with the complaining student to insure that the harassment has stopped and that no retaliation has occurred.


We encourage the parents of our students to be actively involved in North High School and District activities. We want you to visit North and attend as many co-curricular activities as you can. In addition, you may want to consider participation in one of these organizations.

  • The North High PTO initiates special projects and assists with various school functions throughout the year. Their meetings are held in North’s Library on the 1st Tuesday of every month.
  • The Booster Club lends financial and fan support to our athletic program.
  • The Parents Advisory Council for Children with Disabilities has as its goal: mutual support, effective problem-solving and clear communication.
  • The Parkway Dialogue Network, comprised of citizens from each school attendance area, presents its advice and recommendations on educational concerns to the school Board.
  • The Band-Backers lend financial support to the band program.



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