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 Herzlich Willkommen!



TRIP TO GERMANY MEETING Wed, Feb 6 at 7 pm in Room 2400 (German room, kind of :) )

I am thrilled to have you in German class and can promise you, you will learn much. We will have a wonderful year together and please let me know if you need any extra help!

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Frau Greenwalt
(314) 415- 9612  e-mail me here!
JA!  We are planning a trip to Germany in the Summer of 2014.
Pleaseacquaint yourselves with the possibilities  for a 15 day trip  ISE (Intercultural Student Experiences) website.
Their homepage is ISE. (Find out about the company, scholarships, financial aid, etc!)
Full Scholarship to study in Germany! More information under
For a free self-tutorial site provided by Deutsche Welle - Deutsch Interaktiv
A simpler site with all sorts of great review exercises with immediate feedback is HIER!
Frau Greenwalt's Quia vocabulary learn/review/quiz site HIER!