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Bienvenue à la Classe de Français!
Ici On Apprend La Belle Langue Française!

Welcome!  In our classes we learn the beautiful French language!  As language is indeed a habit, the more you use it, the more fluent you become.  I am passionate about languages and hope to inspire you to be, as well.  On a personal level, I "have walked in your shoes" as you study a foreign language. You see, I learned English as my second language, and will try to make meaningful connections between languages to help your studies flow smoothly and logically.  Hebrew is my native tongue and I am certified in both French and English.  I have a Master's Degree and, through our Advanced Credit Program, am an Adjunct Professor at UMSL.  Ask me about how you may earn college credit in my Français IV and V classes.

So let's work together for your continuing success and fluency.  
Monolingualism CAN be cured as you learn to create with language.

Teacher Contact Information (Pour me contacter):      
Téléphone:  314-415-5640

Schedule (Emploi du temps pour 2011-2012):


Jour A Blocks  Jour B Blocks

1.Français II

2.Planification  6.Ac Lab
3.Français V  7.Français II
4.Français IV   8.Français II


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "LE FRANÇAIS M'OUVRE LE MONDE!"  

Alors,... venez nombreux, apprenez, parlez, et enfin voyagez.  Que notre aventure commence!

Mme Berk

(All items on my website are subject to change to best meet the needs of my students.)

 "MADELEINE"... la vidéo de Français V du "Festival Des Films Digitaux de Parkway" (2009):


Vive le Français! Lisez et Parlez!