Michelle Knight

I am a special education teacher working at Parkway North High School. I work primarily in the math department, co- teaching Algebra 2. I also co-teach 1 section of chemistry.

I have a junior academic lab.

I am typically at school by 6:45 a.m. and am willing to assist students one on one at that time. Please be sure to check with me the day before, to be sure I don't have an early morning meeting scheduled :-)

My email address is:


My voice mailbox number is:

314-415-7600  ext. 22606

I do not have a direct phone line. Please feel free to leave a message. I check them daily. I do prefer that you email, rather than call, as I can access a computer throughout the day.

My schedule is:

A day-

1st block (7:45-9:15)- CT Algebra 2 with Craig Hinders

2nd block (9:20-10:50)- CT Chemistry with Paul Reinisch

3rd block (10:55-1:05)- CT Algebra 2 with Joshlyn Harris

4th block (1:10-2:40)- PLAN period

B day-

5th block- PLAN period

6th block- Academic Lab- class of 2013

7th block- CT Algebra 2 with Susie Richmann

8th block- CT Algebra 2 with Susie Richmann