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Chris Preston

SSD Teacher- Autism Program




I have had the privilege to teach at Parkway North High School for the past seven years. I am starting my 9th year.  I love teaching in a school where all of the staff, teachers, and administrators share a passion for education and all have the students' best interests at heart.  I created Parkway North's Autism Program, and in addition to teaching its main component of Individual Instruction (social skills), I have also taught other special education courses, including math, English, history, and health.
I have a strong and lengthy background in special education, stemming from my own education and family.  I have twelve years of experience working directly with students with Autism and other behavioral disorders.  I understand that working with students with Autism is a collaborative endeavor and work with parents, other teachers, and the entire SSD team to help students achieve their full potential.

About Me

Though not a native St. Louisian (or born in America for that matter), St. Louis has been my home since age 12, so yes, I can tell you where I went to high school if you're interested!  I was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, and have lots of curling, pee wee hockey, and poutine in my past.  My accent tends to become more pronounced when I return from visiting my family on Lake Huron in the summer, so that's the best time to catch me say "aboot."  If you ever want to learn any fun facts about our neighbor to the north, come stop by my room! 

In addition to education, music is my passion.  Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes, FLAC, MP3s... Rock, funk, punk, classical, country, new age... I collect and listen to it all.  I also love movies and good television.  I have wonderful parents, a twin brother, an older brother, a younger sister, sister in law and brother in law and four nieces and nephews under the age of 11.  

I am happily married to an amazing woman I met in high school... and who agreed to marry me ten years later :)  We live in St. Louis County with our 1 year old son.


I graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. I received my Masters in Special Education from Fontbonne University. I am certified to teach students in Kindergarten - Grade 12 with Cross-Categorical Mild to Moderate Disabilities.


The growing awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders and improved diagnostic tools has resulted in more and more diagnoses of Autism in the past few years.  If you are interested in more information on Autism, please feel free to stop by my office, call, or email.  Links to Autism information, activities and handouts used in my program and classes are found in the top right side of this page.


Mission Statement

Parkway North High School's (PNHS) AU Program will devote it's efforts and resources to provide a safe and progressive environment for PNHS students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The staff will provide students with academic support, social tools to thrive and succeed all four years at PNHS, and prepare them for life beyond the classroom and after graduation.


First Semester Schedule                                 Second Semester Schedule

A Days                                                                 A Days

1.    Prep                                                             1.  Prep

2.    Independent Instruction                         2.  Independent Instruction    

3.   Independent Instruction                          3. Independent Instruction

4. Work Experience                                        4. Work Experience

B Days                                                               B Days

5. Prep                                                              5. Prep

6. Academic Lab                                            6. Academic Lab

7. Independent Instruction                          7. Independent Instruction

8. Flex  Time                                                    8. Flex Time