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Welcome to my website!  The main purpose of this site is to keep students informed about class and homework assignments.  My hope is that you find this page helpful and informative throughout the course of the school year.   See below for my contact information and class schedule at North High.  Simply click on the available links to access course materials.  Enjoy!

Mr. Bob McKitrick, M.Ed/Ed.L

Parkway North High School

Social Studies Department Leader

Student Council Sponsor

General Information:

Regular Psych Final Study Guide

AP Psych Homework

Regular Psychology Information (Mr. Kellermann)

Modern Warfare Information (Mr. Kellermann)

Parkway E-Mail (Click Here!)

AP Psych Study Guide Part I 8/26/14

AP Psych Study Guide Part II 8/26/14

A-Day Schedule

1st:   Ecology - 2219

2nd:  Ecology - 2219

3rd:   +AP Psych.

4th:   Plan Period

B-Day Schedule

5th:  +AP Psych

6th:  Student Council

7th:  Psych

8th:   Plan Period