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About Me:

I have been teaching Social Studies at Parkway North since 2000 and have loved every minute of it! I really enjoy having a career in education and see it as much more than just passing on information.  I see teaching as a chance to form relationships and teach young people about how to live and operate in the real world.   I am married to a highschool teacher and I have a 6 year old (Ryan) and a 4 year old (Brodie) and a 1 old (Chase). 

 I teach Honors Modern United States History, Regular U.S. History, Psychology and Modern Warfare, so you will see only GENERAL information pertaining to those classes on my website. 

About My Website:

Daily Assignments are the responsibility of the student to record and maintain in their planner.  This teaches them a very valuable skill.  Assignments of a long-term nature will be posted on the website as well as scoring guides and some in-class presentations.

I will mostly use this website to do the following:

1. Add Unit schedules which will include the learning objectives each day of the unit.  MOST DUE DATES AND INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED ON INFINITE CAMPUS, SO CHECK THERE FOR THAT INFORMATION.

2.  I will add long term project instructions and scoring guides to the site to better prepare and aid those helping students complete these projects.  The Honors MUSH book list is on here as well.

3.  In-Class PowerPoint presentations will be posted for students who are absent or for review at home.

Thanks for visiting my website and please email me if you have any questions. 


Amy Thornhill