KEYS Classroom


Hi!  I am the teacher in the KEYS program, a therapeutic service, for special education students with Social emotional concerns.

The KEYS classroom is a Special School District (SDD) service for students who struggle with emotional concerns to the extent that they are not able to be successful in the general education classroom.  We provide a variety of interventions, which can range from direct instruction in an elective credit class to a safe place in the building for a student to seek emotional support.  To that end, our goal is to have a staff member available at any time during the school day.  In addition to a teacher, the KEYS staff includes a Teacher’s Assistant, Brittany Taylor, and an SSD Social Worker, Christina Welschmeyer.

I am a Missouri Certified teacher, in my 15th year of teaching Special Education and my 6th year at Parkway North High school.  Prior to North, I taught at Judevine Center for Autism and I began my teaching career at Logos Middle and High School.   


For more information about the level of services possible through the KEYS program, please take a look at our attached brochure or feel free to email me at  My classroom number is 415-5636.  I would also recommend that you speak to your student’s IEP case manager if you think that your child may benefit from social emotional interventions.