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Contact and availability

A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.--Bruce Lee

Well, sometimes it is tricky to find me, because I do not have a direct phone line. :-/  So please try email, as it is the easiest and fastest way to contact me!

I have 3rd block planning on A days and 7th block planning on B days, both blocks occur from 11:40a to 1:10p. 

I am available during AcLab in room 2321 for students that need help.  I will be available before and after school on days prearranged with students****. 

I will also have students serve any detention I assign with me.  I do this so that there is more interaction and hopefully more opportunity for the students to get extra help. 

Please email with any concerns, questions, or comments.

Thanks again,

Tera Myers

**** During Volleyball season these meetings will be primarily limited to mornings.  As well, if a student fails to make a prearranged meeting w/o giving a day's notice, no other arrangements will be made to accomodate that student. 





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