Algebra 1


At the conclusion of Algebra 1, students take the Algebra 1 End of Course Assessment (EOC) required by the state of Missouri.  The test is will be given the first week of May.  Please visit the Missouri Department of Education website for more information.

The EOC will count as one standard towards a student's Seconder Semester Algebra I grade.


 Practice Problems and Review Worksheets:        

          Probability and Statistics Practice Problems

                    Answer Key

          EOC Practice 1

          EOC Review 1

                    Answer Key

          EOC Review 2

                    Answer Key

          EOC Quiz

          EOC Practice Test

          Box and Whisker Plots

          Stem and Leaf Diagrams



Online Resources

          Recently Released Form of the Missouri Algebra EOC    

          Ms. McDonald's Math Emporium










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