Algebra 1

Interactive Algebra Assessments

Interactive Algebra Assessments

**  The following interactive practices assessments are designed to be completed with paper and pencil.  Please use your own paper due to the large number of pages printing would require.  The practice assessments are designed to be completed two nights before the actual assessment so you can ask your teacher any final questions before the assessment.**


Please click on the Standard for the Practice Assessment (Please be patient with uploading time)

           NOTE:  The most recent form of JAVA must be on your computer.  If file does not load, please visit the java website for the free download:



Comparing & Ordering Numbers


Create & Analyze Tables & Graphs


Linear Functions


Non-linear Functions


Critical Parts of Graphs


Transformations on Functions


Complete Graphs


Exponential Growth & Decay 






 Writing Equations of lines  

Applications of Linear Functions 

       Operations on Expressions     


 Solving Linear Equations      


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