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WH Classroom Expectations

WORLD HISTORY:  Benson & Whitehouse



I.  Classroom Expectations & Behavior:

          A. RESPECT for each and every individual in our class.  We must demonstrate respect for everyone.  This means no discourteous behavior like talking or interrupting while another person is speaking, no inappropriate language or distracting behavior.  If any misconduct does occur it will be addressed immediately and the principals and your parents/guardians will be contacted, if behavior is repeated.

B. Attendance and Tardy Policy:  Being a successful student means attending class regularly and arriving to class promptly.  Each student will receive THREE free tardies; anymore will result in a detention.

C. Hall Passes:  All that we ask is that the first ten minutes of class and the last ten minutes of class be our time, after that we will consider any situation in which you may need to be excused.

D. Drink:  You may have a drink with a lid, just as long as you clean up at the end of class.

E. Required Materials:  The following materials will be used on a regular basis; therefore they are necessary for every class unless told otherwise. ***Interactive notebook, pen or pencil, loose-leaf paper, and your planner to keep track of assignments.

F. Absences: If a student misses class it is their responsibility to ask about materials or assignments that were given out during their absence.  Unexcused absences will count as a ZERO for any assignments, tests, or quizzes.  If you run into problems with your assignment please come speak to me so we can solve the issue.


II. Grading and Testing Policies

A. Grades:  Grades will be given according to a point system.  This will include any required assignments, quizzes, tests, homework assignments, projects and participation.

B. Final Grades:  The semester grade will be determined by adding all points received and dividing by the number of points possible.

C. Scale: 100-90% =A, 89-80% =B, 79-70% =C, 69-60 =D, 5


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