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College Mentor Program

The Parkway North High School Volunteer College Mentor Program is a free program offered for Parkway students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  If you need help:

  • identifying your best college fit
  • selecting the few colleges to which you want to apply
  • setting up your high school academic trajectory so you can apply to your dream school
  • rounding out your extracurriculars
  • preparing your application and essays

Call the PNHS Volunteer College Mentors and they will help.  They have been trained to help students on the journey to college as well as work with parents and students to find the best college fit.  It's FREE!

The staff at Parkway North has created 2 powerpoint presentations to help with understanding the process of "Finding the Perfect College".  Please click here to view the power point helpful to minority students and first generation college-bound students.  Please click here to view the power point which is helpful to students with learning disabilities.

Contact Dave Zuckerman at  Click here for a year-by-year college readiness checklist.


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