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Naviance is a web-based college research and planning tool for students, parents, and school counselors.  The website directs individual students through the entire college planning, application and decision process.  Students can search for colleges and scholarships, explore careers, and take interest/learning style inventories.  Teachers and counselors can upload recommendation letters and transcripts to be sent to colleges your student is applying to.  The status of all necessary application documents can be checked in one convenient location.  Students can also review academic and admission data for colleges across the United States, and determine their chances for acceptance by comparing personal statistics (GPA, ACT, SAT scores) to NHS students who have recently been admitted.  Through the Naviance website you can:


ATTENTION JUNIORS:  Click here for the Junior Naviance Presentation.

In an effort to get college applications and transcripts processed in a timely fashion, we distributed the necessary transcript release form in senior ac labs last week, and will continue this week. This is a required form for students applying to college and is different from the purple form they may have filled out in the past. If your child does not bring one home for you to complete, you can download the document  by clicking here. Please contact Tiana Jones (415-7681) or Christy Wills (415-7621) in Guidance with questions. 

Other important information parents and students need to know:

How to request transcripts:

§ Student logs in to their account

§ Or, parent can log in, find the student, log onto the student’s family connection (left side under Quick Links)

§ Click on Colleges tab

§ Click Colleges I Am Applying To

§ Click Request Transcript

§ If red writing pops up, the student has not returned their purple FERPA waiver

College Visit Sign-Ups:

§ Log in

§ Choose the Colleges tab at the top

§ Select Upcoming College Visits

§ Click on View to the right of the college

§ Click Sign Me Up

Request Teacher Recommendations:

§ Log in

§ Click on Colleges tab

§ Click on Colleges I Am Applying To

§ Scroll to the bottom and choose Teacher Recommendations

§ Select Add/Cancel Requests


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