Please double check all directions. Due to construction, some routes may change.

8309 Mackenzie Road

From I-270 South exit onto Gravois, heading East, pass Grant's Farm and Laclede Station Road the school will be on the left.

CBC High School
6501 Clayton Road

Hwy 40 east to the Bellvue exit. North to Clayton Rd. turn left on Clayton. The school will be on the right.

Desoto High School

From I-270 South Exit west on Hwy. 21, go west approx. 40 miles to Desoto. Go through Desoto to Amvets Drive , turn left on Amvets go one half mile to school on the right.

Ft. Zumwalt West
1251 Turtle Creek Drive

Hwy 70 west to O'Fallon exit, turn left to Mexico Rd, right on Mexico to school on right OR Hwy 40 west to Hwy K, turn right on K to Mexico Rd., then left to N. Mexico to school.

Aquinas Mercy
845 Dunn Road

I-270 North (becomes 270 East Bound), exit at Hanley Rd/Graham Rd. go under 270 and make an immediate right on to Dunn Road and follow to school.

Clayton High School
1 Mark Twain Circle

Hwy 40 east to Brentwood Blvd. exit, at exit turn left and follow past Clayton Rd. to Forsythe, turn left on Forsythe, past Parkside, the school will be on the left.

Duchesne High School
2550 Elm Street

Take I-270 north to I-70 west. Exit at First Capital/Hwy 94. Go north (right) to West Clay (just past the water tower), turn left to Droste, go right on Droste to Duchesne Ave. and turn right go to Elm and turn left on Elm the school will be on the right.

Fox High School
745 Jeffco Blvd.

Hwy 270 South to Tesson Ferry exit (Rt. 21). Tesson Fery west to Rt. 141 and turn left (south) till it dead ends at Jeffco Blvd. Left on Jeffco to the first left into the school.

4530 Webster Road

From I-270 South take the Gravois Road exit East, pass Grants Farm, Laclede Station Road and Mackenzie Road . Turn right on Weber to the school on the right; From I-55 exit at Bayless follow Baless west, Bayless becomes Weber and the school is on the left.

Chaminade High School
425 S. Lindbergh

Hwy. 40 to Lindbergh N. Located between 40 and Ladue on west side of Lindbergh. The gym is north and west of the main building that is visible from the street.

Eureka High School
829 Hwy. 109

I-270 South to I-44 West to the Eureka ext (Hwy. 109). Go north on 109 for 1/2 mile. School is on the left. The football/soccer feild is at the rear of the complex, the gym is near the front, adjacent to the parking lot.

Francis Howell Central High School
5201 Highway N.

I-270 North to I-70 West, exit at Mid Rivers Mall Drive, turn left on Mid Rivers to Hwy N, turn right on N to the school OR take Hwy 40 West on Hwy 94 north to Mid Rivers Mall Dr. take a left on Mid Rivers to Hwy N, go north 2 miles to electric stop light and turn left.

Bisthop Dubourg
5850 Eucgekberger

Take Highway 44 to Hampton Rd. exit. Go south on Hampton to Eichelberger and turn right, the school is on the left

Cor Jesu Academy
10230 Gravois

I-270 South to Gravois. Left off the exit (east). Follow a few miles past Grant's Farm (on left). School is on right on top of the hill.

Fort Zumwalt North
1230 Tom Ginnever Drive

I-270 North to I-70 West, follow to Hwy. 79. Go north on 79 Pearl Drive . Left on Pearl Dr. 1/2 mile to Tom Ginnever left on Ginnever and school will be on the right.

Francis Howell North High School
2549 Hackman Road

Hwy 70 west to St. Charles to Hwy. 94 south. Go 1/2 mile to Pralle Lane , right about 1/2 block to Old Hwy. 94, left to McClay Road . Turn right on McClay to Hackman for 1/2 mile. The school is on the left.

Borgia H.S. see St. Francis Borgia

DeSmet High School
233 N. New Ballas Road (a.k.a. Ballas Rd. )

Exit Hwy. 40 at Ballas, go north, the school is on the west side of Ballas between Ladue and Olive.

Fort Zumwalt South
650 W. Mexico Rd

Hwy. 270 North to Hwy. 70 West. Exit at Hwy. 79 Turn south on 79 to Mexico Road . Turn right on Mexico Rd. and the school will be on the right. Or Take Hwy. 40 West to Hwy. K, take right on K to Mexico Rd., take a right on Mexico Rd., take a right on Mexico Rd. and the school is on the left.

Francis Howell H. S.
7001 Hwy 94 South

Hwy. 40 west to Hwy 94. Turn left on 94 (south). Go 1 1/2 miles and the school is on the right.

Hazelwood Central
15875 New Halls Ferry

I-270 North, exit at McDonnell Blvd., turn left on to McDonnell Blvd. Follow for 9 miles (street name changes to Howdershell then to ASchackelford). Turn Right on New Halls Ferry to school on right, about 1 mile.

Lafayette High School
17050 Clayton Rd.

Clarkson Road (Olive St.becomes Clarkson) south to Clayton Road , turn right on Clayton (west). Follow for fives miles, school is on the left, fields are to the left of the school.

Mehlvile H.S.
3200 Lemay Ferry

I-270 South to Lemay Ferry Rd. Exit Lemay Ferry and go East. The school is on he right past Lindbergh.

Parkway Central H.S.
369 N. Woods mill Road

The school is located between Olive and Ladue Roads on the west side of Woods Mill Road (Rt. 141)

Hazelwood East High School
314-953- 5636
11300 Dunn Rd.

I-270 North to Hwy 367 North (towards Alton ). At the first stoplight take a hard hairpin turn to the right onto Dunn Rd. the school is on the left.

Lindbergh High School
4900 S. Lindbergh Blvd.

I-270 south to Gravois (Rt. 30), turn left (east) and follow to Lindbergh Blvd. (Rt. 67). Turn right on Lindbergh to the school on the left.

Nerinx Hall H.S.
530 E. Lockwood

I-270 South to Hwy 44 East. Exit at Elm St. , turn left at exit light and follow Elm to Lockwood. Turn right on Lockwood. School is at the corner of Lockwood and Big Bend .

Parkway North H.S.
12860 Fee Fee Road

Fee Fee is off Olive Road between I-270 and Rt. 141 (Woods Mil road). Follow Fee Fee about 1/2 mile north, and the school is on the right.

Hazelwood West
#1 Wildcat Lane

I-270 North to McDonnell Blvd. , turn left onto McDonnell. Follow McDonnell 1-2 mi. and turn left on Wildcat Lane (out past the elementary school). Fields area to the right behind the school. Softball fields are behind and right of the track.

Lutheran South High School
9515 Tesson Ferry

I-270 south to Gravois, (Rt. 30) turn left (east) go past Lindbergh Blvd., Grant's Farm and Laclede Station Rd. Turn right on Tesson Ferry Rd. (Hwy 21) to the school on the right.

Normandy H.S.
6701 St. Charles Rock Rd.

From I-70 exit south onto Lucas and Hunt, cross Natural Bridge Blvd. the school is on the right side of Lucas and Hunt at St. Charles Rock Road .

Parkway South H.S.
801 Hanna Road

Follow Manchester Road one block west of Rt. 141 (Woods Mill Rd.) to Old Meramec Station road, (this becomes hanna Road) and turn left (south). Te school is on the right about 1 mile.

Incarnate Word High School
2788 Normandy

Take I-70 East to St. Charles Rock Road east to Normandy Dr. take a left on Normandy Dr. school is on the right.

Mary I/Country Day
(athletics) 314-995-7345
101 N. Warson Rd.

Hwy. 1-40 east, exit Lindbergh N. to Ladue Road , turn right on Ladue to Warson Road turn left on Warson Rd. School is on the left.

N.W. House Springs

I-270 South to Gravois (Rt. 30) turn right (west) Follow 30 West (about 19 miles) to Local Hillsboro Road . Turn left up to school.

Parkway West H.S.
14683 Clayton

Located on Clayton Road approximately a mile west of Rt. 141 (Woods mill Road).

John Burroughs
955 S. Price Road

East on Clayton Road , past St. Louis Country Club, turn right on Price Rd. The school is on the right just before Clayton Road .

Marquette High School
2351 Clarkson Rd.

On Clarkson Road (Olive St. becomes Clarkson) at Kehrs Mill Road . Between Hwy 40 and Clayton Roads.

Notre Dame
320 E. Ripa

From I-270 South to Telegraph, left on Telegraph, right on Kingston to Ripa, right on Ripa to school.

Pattonville H.S.
2497 Creve Coeur Mill Road

I-270 North to St. Charles Rock Road east to Mckelvey Road . Turn right on McKelvey through three stop lights. At the 3rd light McKelvey becomes Creve Coeur Mill Rd. The school is 1/4 mile past third light on the right.

Kirkwood High School
801 W. Essex Ave.

I-270 South to Dougherty Ferry Rd, east on Dougherty Ferry to the school on the right

1896 Florissant Road

I-270 North (becomes 270E) to New Florissant Road , school at exit to right.

5557 Milburn Ave.

From I-270 South to Telegraph Road , go south on Telegraph to Yaeger Road . Turn right on Yaeger to Milburn Rd. Turn left on Milburn to the school on the right.

Principia H.S.
13201 Clayton Road

Rt. 141 south to Clayton Road . East on Clayton past Mason. School is on the left.

Ladue High School
1201 S. Warson Rd.

Hwy 40 East to Lindbergh Rd. North to Ladue. Turn right on Ladue to Warson Road . Turn right on Warson to the school on the right.

McClure North H.S.
706 Waterford

I-270 north (becomes 270E.) to New Florissant Road, go north 1.3 miles to St. Catherine
St. Turn right 1.1 miles down St. Catherine to Waterford. Te school is on the left.


I-270 South to I-44 west to the Pacific Exit (exit past 6 flags) Turn left, under the highway to a 4 way stop. Turn right on the outer road onto Indian Warpath. The school is on the left


From I-270 take hwy 40 west to Mason Rd. then take Mason north 1/4 mile to school on the right.

9100 St. Charles Rock Road

From Hwy 40 go east to I-170, take I-170 north to the St. Charles Rock Road exit, Go west on the Rock Rd. to Orlando, turn left on Orlando to the School on the left.

St. Charles H.S.
725 N. Kinghighway

I-270 Norht to I-70 west, exit at First Capitol Drive (Hwy 94) go north (right) to Kingshighway, turn left on kingshighway the school is 2-3 miles up on the left.

St. Mary's H.S.
4701 S. Grand

From I-55 exit at Bayles and follow Bayless north to Morganford, turn right on Morganford and follow it to where it merges with Gravois, follow to Delor turn right on Delor to school on left.

Visitation Academy
2030 N. Ballas

Located on Ballas Road just south of Hwy. 40 (can be seen from 40). he gym is in the rear of the complex at the east end of the parking lot.

Riverview Gardens H.S.
1218 Sheple Drive

From I-270 go north until I-270 becomes east bound then exit south on Bellfontaine Road to the first light which is Shepley Rd. , turn left on Shepley to the school on the right.

St. Charles West
3601 Droste Road

I-270 north to I-70 West, to Zumbehl Road exit. Turn right on Zumbehl follow to Droste Road and turn right. The school will be on the right.

St. Joseph 's Academy
2307 S. Lindbergh

School is located on Lindbergh blvd. just south of Clayton Road on the west side of Lindbergh.

Webster Groves H.S.
100 Selma

I-270 South to Hwy 44 East. Exit at Elm St. Turn left at exit light, follow Elm to Big Bend and turn left onto Selma . The gym is in the south side of the building complex. Soccer/Football is at Hixson Jr. high at hwy. 44 and Elm intersection.

Rockwood Summit H.S.
1780 Hawkins Road

Highway 141 ( Woods Mill Rd. ) south, go past 1-44 Follow for approximately 2 miles to Hawkins Road . Right on Hawkins to school.

St. Dominic
31 St. Dominic

I-270 north ot I-70 west, take the O'Fallon exit (Hwy M), go north on M and turn left on West terra (the north outer service road) to reach the school turn right on St. Dominic Dr. To reach the athletic fields continue past St. Dominic Dr. to Elaine Dr. and turn right to high school on left.

University City H.S.
7401 Balsonhwy.

40 East, exit Hanley Blvd., North , follow Hanley past Delmar Ave. to Balson. Turn right on Balson to the school.

Wentzville H.S.
600 Campus Drive

I-270 North to I-70 west to Pierce Road exit at the end of ramp turn right to Pierce Rd. , urn right on Pierce 1/2 mile to Campus Dr. turn onto campus the high school is on the corner of Campus and Pierce. Or take Hwy 40 west to I-70 west to Pierce Rd. exit and follow above.

4389 Lindell blvd.

I-40 east to Kingshighway, north on Kingshighway to Lindell, turn right and the school is on the right.

St. Francis Borgia H.S.

Take I-44 west to exit 100- Washington an dturn right 10 miles to Washingon , Mo. Pass through 4 stoplights to High Street (next to Toyota dealer) turn right to high school on left.

Timberland High School
559 E. Hwy. N   636-327-3988
Wentzville, MO 63385 

I-270 south to Hwy.40 west.
Take exit 4 toward Hwy N/State Hwy N (Exit is a cloverleaf) Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Missouri N and merge onto Hwy N/State Hwy N
Continue to follow State Hwy N to the Campus located on the right. The lower and middle schools are also located on the Campus. The high school is located in the back.

Blank Ursuline Academy
341 Spington

Located on Sappington Road between Lockwood and Big Bend . Follow Manchester Road east of Lindbergh to Sappington, go south for several miles. Cross over Lockwood, Sappington makes a sharp turn to the left then to the right (by the counry club). Turn right on Monroe St. before the school and then left into the driveway that leads to the fields and gym. OR Take I-270 south to I-44 east Exit big Bend go right on Big Bend to Sappington Rd. left on Sappington to Monroe to driveway at the back of school.

Seckman H.S.
2800 Seckman Road

I-270 South to I-55 South, about 10 miles to the Imperial/Kimmswick exit. turn right off the exit and right again on the service road (northbound), follow to Seckman Road on the left, turn left onto Seckman and go about 4 miles to the school on the left.

St. Louis University High
4970 Oakland

Hwy 40 East to Kingshighway (south) turn right on Oakland Blvd. The school ill be on the left (by the Science Center ).

Vianney H.S.
1311 S. Kirkwood Rd.

I-270 south to I-44 east. exit north on Lindbergh Rd. ( Kirkwood Rd. ) turn left (west) into school. This street is less than one block west. Yellow sign will direct you to the school.