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Eight Parkway students receive science research award

Eight Parkway aspiring scientists who spent several weeks this summer conducting intensive research with St. Louis-area professionals and professors are now reaping their rewards. The students have been named winners of the LMI Aerospace/D3 Technologies Award for Excellence in Research. Parkway students received eight of the 26 research awards – one-third of this year’s awards.

During the six-week program, students are paired with top research mentors from the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in Creve Coeur, Mo., Saint Louis University, Washington University in St. Louis, Solae and UMSL. Experts from the five institutions took on student apprentices in laboratories and directed them in research projects.

The program introduces high school juniors and seniors to the various aspects of the scientific enterprise as practiced by scientists in academic, private or corporate research institutions. Besides conducting research, students attended lectures by nationally recognized scientists, were informed about the process of applying to higher education institutions, and enjoyed social activities such as bowling, a movie, an ice cream social and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  

Senior scientists at Monsanto, Cortex, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and LMI Aerospace/D3 Technologies reviewed the research papers. Winning papers best exemplified the following qualities: difficulty and complexity of research; appropriateness of the research methodology; findings; quality of writing; and overall quality of the research process.

Following are Parkway’s Excellence in Research winners, their research topics and organization or the university they worked with:

  • Jonathan Herbert Brand, Central High - “Evaluation of Battery Parameters with a Genetic Algorithm” - Washington University
  • Michael Thomas Esker, South High - “Photoelectron Imaging of Negative Atomic Ions in Determining Photodetachment Selection Rules” - Washington University
  • Victor Ge, Central High - “DART - A Tool for Designing Artificial MicroRNAs” - Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  • Jenna Louise Lin, South High - “Particle Size Measurement of Aerosols Generated by an Electrospray” - Washington University
  • Louis S. Wang, Central High - “Synthesis of Hydrated Magnesium Carbonates for NMR Characterization” - Washington University
  • Mindy Xu, South High - “Analysis and Comparison of Artificial Micro RNA Processing in Monocot and Dicot Foldbacks” - Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  • Satya Pavan K. Yalla, South High - “A Drosophila Model for Lou Gehrig's Disease” - Saint Louis University
  • Rebecca Moyi Zhang, Central High - “Purification and Characterization of Fab Fragments of the Monoclonal Antibody against the Murine Norovirus” - Donald Danforth Plant Science Center