Parent and Student Handbook


            McKelvey Elementary School is one of 19 Elementary Schools located in the North Area of the Parkway School District.   Our school services roughly 520 students of a diverse culture and puts a strong emphasis on learning and relationships.  While learning is the main mission at McKelvey, students are also provided with a variety of experiences that will encourage them to be a well rounded and responsible citizen.  Students are expected to work to their fullest potential while being encouraged and supported by our caring staff. 
            McKelvey operates with an open door policy.  We realize that parents and families are an integral part of the education team.  Families are welcome to volunteer, stop by, and be involved in their child’s learning process.  We encourage communication between families and staff members and always know that it is both parties’ intent to do what is best for each individual child. 
            We look forward to working with you and your children.  Thank you for your support and partnership.  Together we will continue to keep McKelvey a place “Where Each Child is Special.”

School Colors:   Blue and White
Mascot:  Dragon
Mission Statement:  Learning
Motto:  “Where Each Child is Special.”
Start and End Times:  9:00 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.
                                       A.M. Kindergarten 9:00 a.m– 12:00 p.m.
                                       P.M. Kindergarten 12:30 p.m. – 3:35 p.m.
Main Office Number:  314. 415.6500
Attendance Reporting Line:  314.415. 6526
Nurse’s Number:  314. 415. 6510
Parkway Transportation Office:  314. 415. 8400
Voluntary Transfer Student Transportation Office:  314. 721. 8657
Principal:  Mrs. Kim Cohen~ 314.415.6501
Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Beth Knes~ 314.415.6503



We at McKelvey believe that education is the shared responsibility of the children, school, home and community. In meeting this responsibility, we are committed to the following principles:

A. That children should develop the fundamental educational skills of effective oral and written communication, and the use of numbers and mathematics.

B. That children should acquire skills and understanding of the natural and social sciences and of the arts.

C. That children should acquire effective study and work habits.

D. That children should be encouraged, motivated, and given the opportunity to develop their full potential.

E. That an academic environment should exist that fosters individual responsibility and mutual respect for all.

F. That children understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities of citizenship and family living.

G. That children develop physical and emotional well-being and a sense of personal worth.

H. That children learn respect for humanity and the dignity of others with whom they live and work.

I. That children attend classes on a regular basis, participating in class discussions and activities, and doing the required homework.

J. That children display acceptable standards of behavior.

K. That children exert maximum effort in the learning process by making full use of all opportunities provided to them.

L. That children take care of all financial obligations they incur toward the school or the district.



In keeping with the philosophy of the Parkway School District, the McKelvey Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) believes that all children have a right to school personnel and facilities that will provide them with the opportunity to enrich themselves to the fullest extent of their capabilities.


In order to ensure student safety and supervision, children are expected to arrive at school no earlier than twenty minutes before the opening of school (8:40 a.m.). Children who arrive early must wait in the main hall until released by a staff member. The only exception will be in case of inclement weather. Children who arrive late to school should come to the office for a late slip before going to class.

If you are dropping off your child at school, please proceed to the parent pick drop off area on the lower lot.  Please DO NOT drop your child off in the front bus lane as this causes a very dangerous situation.  Staff members are available to help your child out of the car on the lower lot. 


Regular attendance and punctuality relate positively toward school achievement.  Irregular attendance creates insecurity and stifles learning.  When a student is tardy, he/she should report to the office and obtain a late pass for the teacher.  If your child is absent, please report the absence by phone to the attendance line or main office.  The attendance line is always available; however, if it is during the school day, please call our main office.  Our main office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Please send a note stating the reason for your child’s absence when the child returns to school if you did not phone during the absence.  McKelvey operates a Dial Safe program, which means we will call you if your child is not at school and we have not heard from you.

Attendance is tracked and contact will be made on any student that has a history of being tardy or excessive absences. 


The district provides transportation for students residing one-half mile or more from McKelvey School.  Students must comply with the following regulations and responsibilities when riding the bus:

Repeat offenders may lose the right to ride the bus.  Your child is to ride on the assigned bus.  Exceptions can be made with the parent’s written consent.  This consent should be given to the main office at the beginning of the school day.  Our office will assign a special bus pass for that day only.  If a student should miss the bus, he/she may call home from the office. A copy of bus routes, with appropriate timetables, is sent home at the beginning of each school year. Departure from home should be timed so a child is at the bus stop for a very short time.


Our cafeteria offers a balanced hot lunch for a reasonable charge.  Students use a personal identification number (PIN) to make deposits to their personal cafeteria accounts.  Additionally, lunch money boxes are housed outside of each grade level area for students to put lunch money into.  When depositing money into accounts, please send your child with money in an envelope.  Checks should be made payable to Parkway Food Services.  Be sure to put your child’s name and account number on the outside of the envelope to ensure correct deposit of funds.  Students may purchase lunch in quantities or on a daily basis.

Parkway publishes monthly menus that are sent home with your student.  Follow these for daily choices.  Students who bring their lunch may buy a milk or juice.  If a student forgets lunch or money, the student may charge lunch for that day.  Students may not charge for more than three days without repaying the account. 

Students will have 30 minutes for lunch and recess.  Typically students spend the first 15 minutes eating lunch and the final 15 minutes at recess.  If a child needs more than 15 minutes for lunch, they may remain in the cafeteria until they have finished eating. 

All Parkway schools utilize a Care Team and “problem solving” model for addressing concerns of any type that arise at school about a student. A Care Team is a group of professional staff representing a variety of disciplines. These may include general education, guidance and counseling, administration, school health/nursing, special education, speech/language pathology, school social work, and school psychology.

To the extent warranted, the “problem solving” process involves problem identification (i.e., definition and analysis), the development and implementation of interventions, evaluation of their effectiveness, and, as needed, referral (e.g., for assistance, additional assessment, or services). This process is based on systematic data collection and analysis, documentation, consideration of all relevant and valuable information, and hypotheses development/testing. Care Teams rely on existing educational information and staff input, but also collect additional data through the intervention process and, when necessary, individual student assessment. Informed parent consent generally will be obtained before any student is individually assessed or observed by a member of the school staff UNLESS the assessment is part of the District’s screening activities (i.e., something done with a particular group of students) or the normal instructional process (i.e., reading assessments).

Care Teams also encourage parents to provide any and all relevant information, including from outside professionals or agencies, about their children. Questions about Care Teams and the “problem solving” process should be directed to guidance counselors or school administrators.


McKelvey is committed to the Community School Program as this building is used extensively after regular school hours and during the summer by children and adults. Community School offers a wide variety of enrichment and recreational classes.  We publish a bulletin with course offerings which is sent home with your child.  Please direct any questions and/or suggestions to the school office or to the community school coordinator.  Parents are responsible for transportation to these classes.


McKelvey is home to several computer labs.  In addition to the grade level labs, we also have several small portable laptop labs.  At all times, under all conditions, every individual who makes use of any of the equipment is required to abide by the rules. 

General rules

Filter software is in place and has been very effective to date. 

McKelvey respects the confidentiality of all students and families.  Our staff members will not discuss or release information on students to parties other than their parent or guardian.  This includes academic progress and scores, discipline incidents, and other sensitive information.  Additionally this includes releasing names or grades of students to other people.

In the event of a contagious disease the office should be notified immediately (415-6500). Please communicate with the nurse or someone in the office if your child has a particular physical or medical condition - example, diabetes, asthma, hearing or vision problem, etc.


We will begin dismissal at 3:35 p.m. each day.   The order for dismissal is as follows:

Day Care Vans, Kids Net students, Walkers and Parent Pick Ups, then Bus Riders.  Each bus will be repeatedly called so students know when to come to the front hall.  If you are picking up your child, please proceed to the parent pick up area.  Please do not park in the front bus lane as it causes a dangerous situation with the mixture of cars and buses. 


School clothing should be appropriate, functional, comfortable, but most of all reflective of the student’s attitude toward his/her job – learning.  Clothing should never distract from that job.  Halter tops and short shorts are not considered appropriate dress for school. Hats/caps and coats/other outer wear are not to be worn inside the school. All outer garments worn to school should have the child’s name on them. As the children will usually be outside during lunch recess, they should be dressed appropriately.  Dressing in layers provides transition during seasonal changes.  For safety reasons, students are encouraged to wear tennis shoes on the playground. 


McKelvey sends home a Pupil Information Form (PIF) each fall for parents to correct and update.  This information is critical for daily operations and emergencies.  Please complete these forms thoroughly for your child’s best interest.  Maintaining accurate information throughout the year is essential.  Please call the office immediately when any changes occur.


Schools may close unexpectedly due to severe weather, power failure, heating problems etc.  If school dismisses early, does your child know what to do if you are not at home?  Does the school have accurate numbers to contact you?  Please discuss this topic with your child. 

In the event of a school closing, we will notify all parents by a phone call system.  If we are in school, our staff will make every attempt to contact you personally to ensure your child gets home in the correct manner.  Should Parkway close school, the announcement will be carried over radio and TV stations between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m.  Additionally, you will receive a phone call from the district. 

Come directly to the office if it is necessary to pick up your child from school before regular dismissal.  We will page your child.  Teachers are instructed not to release a student unless authorized by the office.  Precede the early dismissal with a note to the office in the morning.  It is important that children be released through the office only.  Do not pick up a student directly from the classroom.  This is for your child’s protection.

I. Notification of Rights
Each year the Parkway School District is required to give notice of the various rights accorded
to parents or eligible students pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
(FERPA). Parents and eligible students have a right to be notified and informed. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, you are notified of the following:

1. RIGHT TO INSPECT: You have the right to review and inspect substantially all of your
education records maintained by or at the District. You should submit to the student’s school
principal or other appropriate school official a written request that identifies the record or records you wish to review and inspect. You may also wish to request a copy of the Student Records policy and guidelines, which contain additional information.
2. RIGHT TO PREVENT DISCLOSURES: You have the right to prevent disclosure of
education records to third parties with certain limited exceptions. It is the intent of the District to limit the disclosure of information contained in your education records to those instances where prior written consent has been given to the disclosure, as an item of directory information of
which you have not refused to permit disclosure, or under the provisions of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which allow disclosure without prior written consent.
3. RIGHT TO REQUEST AMENDMENT: You have the right to seek to have corrected any
parts of an education record which you believe to be inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in
violation of your rights. This right includes the right to a hearing to present evidence that the
record should be changed if the District decides not to alter the education records according to your request. You may request an amendment of your child’s records by (1) advising the
appropriate Parkway official how you wish to amend the student’s record and why, and (2)
requesting a copy of the Student Records policy and guidelines, which contain additional
4. RIGHT TO COMPLAINT: You have the right to file a complaint with the Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office, Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue,
SW, Washington, D.C. 20202, concerning the District's alleged failure to comply with Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
5. RIGHT TO OBTAIN POLICY: You have the right to obtain a copy of the written policy
adopted by the Board of Education of the Parkway School District in compliance with Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act. A copy may be obtained in person or by mail from:
Custodian of Records, Parkway School District, 455 North Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield,
Missouri 63017.
1. The district will disclose information from a student’s education and/or health records to
Parkway School District school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in the
records. A school official is defined as:
• A person employed by the District as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or
support staff member including health medical staff and safety/security staff.
• A member of the board of education.
• A person employed by or under contract to the District to perform a special task,
such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultants, or therapists.
• A person who is employed by the District’s law enforcement unit.
A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official is:
• Performing a task that is specified in his or her position description or by a contract
• Performing a task related to a student’s education.
• Performing a task related to the discipline of a student.
• Providing a service or benefit relating to the student or student’s family, such as
health care, counseling, job placement or financial aid.
• Maintaining the safety and security of the school or school property.
2. The District has determined that the Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC)
and its officers, employees and agents are school officials with legitimate educational interests because they act for and on behalf of the District with respect to transfer students and the transfer program, and because they seek to advance the interests of both. A transfer student’s attendance records and other educational records relevant to the student’s participation in the program or to the program itself may accordingly be disclosed to VICC without obtaining written consent from the parent/guardian or eligible student.
3. The District will disclose information from a student’s education and/or health records to
officials of another public school, school district or post-secondary school in which a student seeks or intends to enroll. Parkway staff shares education/health records of students, both disabled and non-disabled, with Special School District staff at various times during a child's enrollment at Parkway. The Parkway School District will not further notify parents or eligible students prior to such transfer of records.
4. The District will disclose information from a student’s education and/or health records to
law enforcement and juvenile justice authorities, if the disclosure concerns either law
enforcement’s or juvenile justice authorities’ ability to serve the student prior to adjudication. The entity receiving such information must comply with applicable federal confidentiality restrictions.
The Parkway School District has designated certain information contained in the education
records of its students as directory information for purposes of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
The following information regarding students is considered directory information:
1. Student’s Name
2. Grade Level
3. Parent’s Names
4. Address
5. Telephone number
6. Date of birth
7. Major field of study
8. Participation in activities and sports including audiovisual or photographic records of
the openly visible activities thereof (e.g., artistic performances, sporting contests,
assemblies, service projects, awards ceremonies, etc.)
9. Weight and height of members of athletic teams
10. Dates of attendance
11. Degrees and awards received
12. Most recent school attended by student
13. Enrollment status (e.g., full-time or part-time)
14. Photographs including photographs of regular school activities that do not disclose
specific academic information about the child and/or would not be considered harmful
or an invasion of privacy.
According to law, directory information may be disclosed by the Parkway School District without the consent of the parent of a student, or an eligible student. Such information is normally disclosed through distribution of yearbooks, handbooks, and similar school publications.  Parents of students and eligible students have the right, however, to refuse to permit the designation of any or all of the above information as directory information. In that case, this information will not be disclosed except with the consent of a parent or student, or as otherwise allowed by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  Any parent or student refusing to have any or all of the designated directory information disclosed must check specified box on the Pupil Information Form indicating that directory information shall not be released. This notification must be filed with the principal of the school that the student attends within thirty- (30) calendar days of the publication of this notice. In the event a notification of refusal is not filed, the Parkway School District assumes that neither a parent of a student nor an eligible student objects to the release of the directory information designated. Upon request, the Parkway School District will release the names, addresses, and phone numbers of secondary school students to military recruiters and representatives from institutions of higher education unless a parent or eligible student contacts the district and requests otherwise.

Our school performs minor first aid only.  The school nurse, health room assistant or other school personnel administer to these injuries.  For health care extending beyond first aid, the school expects parents to take responsibility.  Our primary objective is to prevent accidents through close supervision.  If a child is not able to return to class, the school contacts the parents to pick up the student.


If your child forgets to bring his/her belongings to school (lunches, violins, books etc.), you may bring them to the office for us to deliver.  This limits classroom interruptions.

Parkway’s Gifted Program (MOSAICS) is multifaceted.  In keeping with state guidelines, the program’s goal is to provide experiences that serve the needs of formally identified students and members of the school community (as the gifted and talented teacher’s schedule provides.)  McKelvey has a certified MOSAICS teacher on staff that strengthens the students’ higher order thinking skills while nurturing their creative abilities.  This specialized instructor serves as a resource to classroom teachers to modify curriculum through compacting, acceleration and enrichment.

The Board of Education believes that learning is a lifelong process that takes place not only in the classroom but also in the home and community.  Therefore, homework is important as an integral part of the educational process.  Properly designed homework helps students develop responsibility, independence and time management skills.  It creates interest on the part of the student in continuing the learning process after class hours and throughout life.  It provides an important channel of communication between the home and school.  It is the intent of the board of Education that appropriate homework be assigned at all grade levels and that such assignments reflect increasing responsibility and skill development on the part of students.  Homework guidelines are coordinated among schools and articulated between grade levels, especially within each K-12 attendance area.  (Parkway School District Policy IKB)  Homework shall be “an assignment that students complete outside the regular classroom time.”

            The following are four basic categories of such work:

  1. Practice assignments that help students master specific skills.
  2. Preparation assignments that enable students to gain maximum benefit from subsequent lessons.
  3. Extension assignments that determine a student’s ability to transfer a new skill or concept to a new situation and require a degree of abstract thinking.
  4. Creative assignments that require students to integrate many skills and concepts in the process of producing a response.

Homework assignments should accomplish the following goals:

  1. Enhance and extend the classroom material and never be assigned as busy-work or as punishment.
  2. Be clearly explained.
  3. Be appropriate to the ages, skill levels and abilities of the students.
  4. Receive prompt evaluation and/or feedback.
  5. Be coordinated as much as reasonably possible so as not to overload students.
  6. Promote the development of student responsibility.

When your child is assigned homework, you can help by doing the following:

  1. Provide a quiet place with the necessary supplies.
  2. Set a time for doing the work.
  3. See that it is completed in a neat and conscientious manner.
  4. Help out when necessary, but don’t take over.
  5. Be positive about school and homework.
  6. If you suspect a problem (no homework, too much, too little, or too difficult homework), contact the teacher.

Assignment notebooks are given to all students in grades 3, 4, and 5.  It is the expectation that students record their assignments each day.  This can be a valuable communication piece between our school and the home.  Individual classroom teachers explain homework procedures at Open House in the Fall.

Please call the teacher or the office to request homework for students ill more than one day.  You can pick up homework in the office or request that it be sent home with another student. 

McKelvey has an excellent Library Media Center (Library) for student and adult research or recreational reading.  The library is open daily for students and teachers to access the Internet, check out books, work on projects, and make general use of the library resources. 

Books are checked out for a set period and may be renewed once. Three books may be checked out at a time.  Parents are welcome to use the library and check out books at any time.

When a child has an overdue library book, no other books can be checked out until the overdue book(s) is returned. No daily fines are charged for overdue books.  It is the child’s responsibility to pay for lost or damaged books.

Reference books may be checked out for overnight use. These books are to be checked out during the last half hour of the school day and returned at the very beginning of the next school day.

Both circulation and library classes will cease during the last two and one half weeks of the school year so that inventory may be taken.

Please label all items your student brings to school.  Our lost and found box is located at the bottom of the stairs outside of the cafeteria.  Charitable organizations receive unclaimed belongings.

I. In addition to the Parkway Discipline Policy, high standards of behavior are required of McKelvey students for the safety and well-being of all. Violation of the McKelvey Standards shall be considered as Type II violations of the Parkway Discipline Policy.
* Students should walk quietly and in an orderly manner
* Students should never mark on the school building and other school property
* Students are not to throw or bounce balls or other objects inside the building
* Students are not to chew gum in school, on the playground, nor on the school bus at any time. Chewing gum is not to be given as treats for room parties
* Candy must be eaten in the cafeteria at lunch or in conjunction with a party, under the teacher’s supervision. The eating of candy is not allowed in gym class, nor on the playground
* Students are prohibited from selling candy or other items while on school property
* Students should exercise safe and mannerly practices when using the drinking fountains
* Students are not to push, shove, or exhibit any form of excessive physical
* Students should refrain from the use of profane or vulgar language or gestures

All of the above-listed standards apply to all areas of the school, including the lunchroom, restrooms, playground, buses and walking to and from school.

II. All McKelvey staffs have the authority and will implement the Parkway Discipline Policy and the McKelvey Standards.
All children should follow the procedures listed below:
1. Enter the dining room in a quiet, orderly manner, and pick up lunch and/or milk
2. Behave in a safe, considerate, courteous, respectful manner
3. Stay in the cafeteria seated at the table for 15 minutes
4. Clean up table, bench, and floor when finished
5. Raise your hand and wait to be dismissed by one of the cafeteria supervisors.
6. Take tray, trash, and eating utensils to trash cans
7. Go to the designated area for the remainder of the lunch period
8. If a child has written permission to remain inside during lunch recess, he/she should remain in the cafeteria

Expected standards are:

All children eat a lunch, practice good table manners, use quiet voices, remain in the cafeteria until finished eating and keep all food in the cafeteria.
Playground supervision is provided by the physical education teachers, selected staff members, teacher assistants and the principal or assistant principal.  During outside recess, children are not allowed back in the building without the permission of the teacher.

All parents are requested to encourage children to wear clothing that is suited to the weather.

On the playground children will:

* Walk to and from the blacktop using the sidewalk, not cutting across the grass
* Stay on the playground area, in sight of the supervisor, and not go into the streets, parking lot, woods, near the creek or near the building
* Refrain from throwing mud, dirt, stones, snow and/or ice
* Refrain from eating on the playground
* Share balls, ropes, swings, and other equipment
* Make sure class equipment is returned to the classroom
* Refrain from playing tackling games
* Refrain from standing on the parallel bars, horizontal bars or monkey bars
* Refrain from practicing cherry drops
* Hit the tether ball with hands only
* Report any damaged or dangerous equipment to the supervisor
* Do not bring knives, guns, caps or firecrackers
* Do not bring sleds, skates, skateboards or other outdoor equipment
* Line up when the whistle blows, according to class and follow the supervisor quietly inside

Safety Rules For Using Swings

* One person at a time on each swing
* Stay seated at all times - no standing or jumping off
* Do not swing from side to side, twist the swings, or throw over top bar
* No running through swing area

Safety Rules For the Playground

* One person at a time on the slide
* Going up slides or pushing others on slide is not permitted
* Use proper sliding method - feet first, and on your seat
* Go down the slide only after the person in front of you is off
Children should remain in their assigned classroom during indoor recess. This is a “quiet” time and all activities are to be of a quiet nature.

In the event of a medical emergency, specific McKelvey staff members are designated to provide first aid until rescue vehicles arrive.  Additional staff members are trained and certified in adult and child CPR should the need occur.

The Parkway Board of education policy discourages the administration of medication during school hours.  It restricts the administration of medications to those not offered on an alternate dose schedule.  Medicine administered by the school must be accompanied by all of the following:

When the above conditions are met, the administration of the medication is limited to the school nurse, principal, teacher, or school secretary.  All medication is kept in a locked cabinet in the nurse’s office.  Over-the-counter medication for administration must be in the original container and accompanied by a written consent from the doctor and the guardian.  The school nurse’s direct office number is 314.415.6510.

Students should only bring money to school for expenses related to the school day and expenses authorized by teachers and administrators.

McKelvey expects students to abide by basic rules, whether at school, home or in the community.  We strive to establish a pattern of self-discipline and encourage responsibility in students.  Classroom teachers will discuss their particular classroom expectations during Open House in the Fall.

The Parkway School district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in, its programs or activities. If anyone with a disability needs accommodations to attend or participate in a school or District activity, please contact the staff member responsible for that event at least four (4) business days in advance. Questions, concerns, or requests for information/assistance can also be directed to the designated District coordinator for each applicable federal law.

Students should not bring personal toys or belongings to school during the school day.  They can be a distraction to the learning process. McKelvey will not be responsible for any lost items while at school.  Additionally, students should not wear “heelies” or shoes with any wheels in them to school as this can be a safety hazard.

When requested by a teacher, unusual pets can be brought to school for a short time and returned home by the parent. Pets are not allowed on buses.

Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum at McKelvey.  Students will participate in their street clothes.  We encourage loose clothing for freedom of movement.  For safety reasons, students must wear tennis shoes during physical education class.   Students must present a written consent from a parent or physician for excusal from physical education class.

A monthly newsletter from the principal informs McKelvey parents of school functions.  Watch for this publication in your student’s backpack.

The school year is divided into three reporting periods.  Parents receive Student Progress Reports after the completing of each trimester.  Parent-teacher conferences are at the end of the first and second trimester.  Several days prior to conferences, teachers send home a confirmation of the scheduled conference date and time.  If additional conferences are needed, please contact the teacher. 

The school nurse urges you to keep your children home until their temperature has been normal for at least 24 hours following an illness. Children returning to school after an illness should have a note from home stating why they were absent.

The P.T.O. provides three (3) parties; Halloween, Winter and Valentine’s Day. Costumes, gifts, and valentine exchange are left to the discretion of the grade level teachers.

Children have the opportunity to bring treats on their birthday to share with their classmates. The teacher must be notified in advance.  Please inquire if there are any special allergy considerations prior to bringing in treats.  All treats must be individually wrapped and store bought.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, protects students with disabilities.  The Student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or similar document defines those students entitled to a “free appropriate public education.”  Several documents are available at the Parkway Administrative Center explaining the rights of students with disabilities and the responsibilities of Parkway and the Special School District (SSD) of St. Louis County.  These include the SSD’s Compliance Plan, the county-wide General Assurance Document, the DESE (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) Procedural Safeguards for Children and Parents brochure, and Parkway policies.  Copies of the DESE brochure are available at school.  Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents have the right to inspect, review, request amendment of, and file complaints concerning personally identifiable information maintained on their children.

All individuals from 3 to 21 years of age residing in St. Louis County, as well as St. Louis City residents attending Parkway schools, are eligible for special education services offered by SSD if they are diagnosed with educational disabilities.  The SSD provides special education services to students diagnosed with any one of the following educational disabilities: learning disabilities, speech/language disorders, mental retardation, emotionally disturbed, physical/other health-impairment, hearing impaired, visual-impaired, deaf/blind, multi-handicapped, autism, traumatic brain injury, or early childhood special education.

The SSD offers a variety of programs and related services for preschool and school age children, most of who are served in Parkway facilities.  The SSD also provides audio logical and special education evaluation, hearing and speech/language screening services, Special Non-Public Access Program (SNAP) for special education services to students with educational disabilities attending private/parochial school, and Homebound Instruction for home-or hospital-bound students (both with and without disabilities).  The SSD also offers a variety of adult education and “transitional” programs, while the Career Education District offers applied technology/vocational programming.

Staff, parents, or anyone else who has significant educational concerns about a student or believes an individual may have a disability can initiate the special education and/or Section 504 identification process.  When there are educational concerns about a student, the school is to begin considering and implementing intervention strategies.  If the educational concerns about a student are not resolved or a parent requests a special education referral/evaluation, the staff is to document any concerns and interventions. The school’s Building Level Team, which includes a representative of the SSD, then determines if an evaluation is warranted or not.  Parents are notified in writing of the decision, the reasons for it, and their rights.  Appeals of any disability-related decisions should be submitted in writing to the SSD and/or Parkway Superintendent of Schools.

Parkway School District prohibits smoking inside our building or anywhere on the outer premises.

Please teach your child to use the safest route to and from the bus stop or to school.  Stress the importance of crossing streets at intersections and using the crossing walk and crossing guard at the McKelvey entrance.  Instruct your child not to accept gifts from a stranger, never to get into a stranger’s car, and never to socialize with strangers.  Classroom teachers, utilizing appropriate grade level units of study, will strengthen and support these safety precautions.

Seldom does student behavior require attention from anyone but the classroom teacher.  The principal is notified if behavior should require additional help.  The principal or assistant principal will discuss the situation with the child.  A planned program of positive action should solve the problem.  The school notifies the parents/guardians when a student’s behavior is extreme and persistently requires the principal’s attention.

Please read and become familiar with Parkway Policy JK, Student Discipline, provided by the district.  The district mails a copy to each student’s home.  Keep a copy with this student handbook for future reference.  Additional copies are available from the McKelvey office upon request.  Although “Standards of Conduct” and the academic/behavior intervention plan defined in Policy JK Student Discipline, apply to all students, specific consequences for violations of these standards by students with disabilities will be determined in accordance with Policy JFK, Disciplining Students with Disabilities.

Parents may inspect and review their child’s education/health records upon request.  Submit to the principal a written request identifying the record(s) you would like to review.  The principal or other appropriate school administrator arranges access.

Likewise, Parkway School District discloses information from a student’s education/health records only with the written consent of the parent and/or eligible student.

The district provides textbooks and the major supplies required for learning.  Children are responsible for the care of all books, materials, and furniture supplied for their use.  The school requests payment for lost or damaged items.  Check the grade level or class supply list found in the office or class.  Parents need to furnish certain items that are consumed by the students (i.e. – pencils, paper, erasers, scissors and crayons).

Each classroom is equipped with a telephone.  If your child needs to contact you, he/she will use the phone with teacher permission.  If you need to contact your child, you may leave a voice mail on the teacher’s line or call the office to be sure that the message is delivered.

Parents are encouraged to visit school at any time. All visitors must first check in at the office for security purposes.  Children from other schools may not visit the classroom unless they have special permission.

In our efforts to educate all children, the help of volunteers is greatly appreciated.  When you are in the building and working in any capacity, we ask that you wear your volunteer badge found in the office.  Badges will be made for anyone serving on a regular basis.

All citizens eighteen years of age or older are eligible to register to vote in the state of Missouri.  If you are not now registered, we encourage you to stop by our school office and register during office hours with one of our deputized secretaries.

Notify the office as soon as possible prior to a move from the community or transfer to another Parkway school.  We can then prepare transfer information enabling the new school to place your child in the proper program.  McKelvey sends additional records to the new school after receipt of their written request.  It is especially important that parents sign a “Release of Records” form and return all McKelvey books and materials prior to departing.

Parents, children and McKelvey staff, working together, create an unbeatable team for providing a superior educational program. Each child is considered a unique and special person, developing into a mature adult. Let us work side-by-side, with respect for each other, for the sake of our children as they grow and mature.