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Social Studies

Student Web Resources for 5th Grade

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Unit   Resources
* Teacher Resource

Types of Land

  Maps, Latitude & Longitude

Interactive Latitude & Longitude
Latitude & Longitude Coordinates
Latitude & Longitude Lookup for U.S.
Explanation of Latitude & Longitude
15th Century Navigation
Google Earth
Map Creator*
PCL Map Collection*

Native Americans General Resources

Native Americans
Native American Resources

  Native American Regions

Native American Regions
Native American Tribes
Native American Shelters
Native Americans
Pacific NW WebQuest

  Native American Culture

Virtual Artifacts
Arts & Crafts

Discovery, Exploration, & Early Settlement General Resources

Age of Exploration
Explorer Time Line
Primary Source Documents **


Exploration Before Columbus
Mariner's Astrolab
Age of Discovery *
15th Century Navigation


European Explorers
Enchanted Learning - Explorers

  Early Settlement

Roanoke Colony
Lost Colony of Roanoke
Roanoke Resources

Plymouth Colony
Archives from Plymouth *
Settling the Plymouth Colony **
Plymouth Clothing

Jamestown Colony
Virtual Jamestown
Historic Jamestown
Early American Settlements
Jamestown Rediscovered

Colonial Period Overall Resources

Primary Source Documents **
Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial America 1600-1775 *
Thirteen Colonies

Colonial Life WebQuest
Journey Back in Time
Children in Colonial America

  Colonial Regions

Colonial Children
Life in the 13 Colonies
Colonial Ideas for the Classroom *
Colonial Life
Characteristics of Colonies
New England Colonies

The Revolutionary War Overall Resources

The Revolutionary War (Thinkquest)
Little Known Facts
Revolutionary War - Events & People
American Revolution Timeline
The Patriot Spy
The American Revolution

Lesson, Activities, Quiz for The American Revolution

American Revolution Resources
Links for Kids about the American Revolution

Was the Revolutionary War Worth It?

The Constitution Overall Resources

Ben's Guide
Writing The Constitution
Constitutional Convention

  Branches of Government

The Three Branches of Government
The Judicial Branch
The Legislative Branch
The Executive Branch

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