White Logo with Tagline

Which logo should you use?

Print version

For most print applications you should use this link to download an .eps print version of the logo. Save to your computer. (Internet Explorer will try to change the extension from .eps to .ps. You can change it back to .eps). You can then insert the logo into Word, Excel, or a publishing application. Once there you can resize the logo according to your needs. Since the .eps format is a vector graphic, it can be resized without any loss in quality. As an alternative, you can use this link to download a .tif version. (Right-click link and Save to your computer) As a last resort, use this print version .png. These versions will not resize as crisply as the .eps version.

Web and screen versions

For web pages and other screen applications, use one of these .png images that have the color adjusted for screen output. Right-click on the image and select the Save As option to download

300w x 314h

200w x 208h

100w x 104h

If you have a graphics program such as Photoshop, you can do some minor size adjustments. Since these are bit map graphics, significant adjustment in size will cause degradation of image quality. For best results save the image as a .png file (do not use .jpg). If you need a screen version of the logo that needs to be larger or smaller than these samples, contact the Communications department.

If you have access to Adobe Illustrator or anther program that can resize vector graphics, you can use this link to download an .eps screen version of the logo and re size it as you need.

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