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The first saloons in the west were hastily built shacks or tents where a traveler could stop in and start a conversation and get a drink (SITE). These were not necessarily the first saloons, since there were saloons in the east, but they were some of the first in the west.

This is a great picture of the front side of a brown saloon from a fabulous web site.

One person that pertains to the western saloon is Wyatt Earp. He was a well-known lawman from Dodge City, Kansas. He was a rootin' tootin' lawman that needed to settle down so he moved to Tombstone, Arizona. There he bought a saloon and made a great deal of money there and was happy. One day his brothers wanted to become sheriff so he had to stop his work in a saloon and help his brothers with their jobs as sheriff in the town.

This is another great picture of the Lone Ranger sitting like a stud while two men fight in a saloon.

One major source of conflict in the saloon was that the men in the saloons were very picky about who could come into a saloon. Chinese risked their lives if they entered and Indians were not allowed by law. Blacks were not wanted by a desperate one might show up every now and then. Soldiers and women were also unwanted in saloons. These conflicts between races caused conflic in the saloons.

This guy is tuff.

Saloons helped settle the west by building buildings and selling goods. This helped bring money into the west and make people happy and so that they stay in the west.

This is one hot chick sitting on a piano in a saloon.

One thing that is interesting about the saloons is that they often out numbered all other businesses combined. In some towns there were over 2000 saloons.

This is a typical saloon girl from the cowboy days in the west.

This is a hotty who just happened to appear on this page somehow.

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