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The following covers procedures related to Water or Sewer Line Breaks.

Water or Sewer Line Breaks

Water lines and sewer lines may break for any number of reasons. The contents of the lines may freeze and expand bursting the pipe, the pipes may fail due to corrosion of age, excessive loads may be placed on the pipes, etc.

If a water line breaks and you or the custodian know where the shut off valve to the broken line is, then immediately shut off the valve (this applies to domestic water lines, never shut a valve off on a cooling or heating water line as you may damage the equipment attached to the line).

Do not attempt to have your staff or custodians clean up the water or sewage, as the water may have chemicals in it and the sewage is definitely contaminated. Special crews trained for these kinds of clean up will be dispatched.

If you have a water line break, a sewer line break, or a sewer line back-up, then use the following procedures:

» Follow the Emergency Work Request procedures.

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