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The following covers procedures related to Electrical Power Outage.

Electrical Power Outage

Electrical power outages to areas of a building may be caused by either a trip of a fused switch or circuit breaker in the building electrical system or in the case of total building power outage by a trip of a main fused switch or main circuit breaker or a failure in the electric utility's system. In addition, the electrical power outage may be caused by the failure of a piece of electrical equipment such as a transformer, fused switch, or circuit breaker. The first procedure is to check with the custodians and staff to insure that someone has not turned off a circuit breaker or fused switch. If you find that someone has turned off a circuit breaker or fused switch, then simply have them turn it back on again.

If you have an electrical power outage, and you are not sure someone has turned off a circuit breaker or fused switch, then use the following procedures:

» Follow the Emergency Work Request procedures.

Do not attempt to find the circuit breaker or fused switch for the affected area and try to turn the circuit breaker or fused switch on. There is a chance that there is a fault in the electrical system and you might electrocute yourself without knowing the correct procedures and taking the correct safety precautions.

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