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The following covers procedures related to Fire Alarm System Trouble.

Fire Alarm System Trouble

The buildings fire alarm system is an intelligent system in that it can note trouble with devices and wiring in the system and provide a notice of the trouble. The notice is given in the form of a trouble signal. This signal will be both audible and visual. The fire alarm panel will provide an audible warning sound that their is trouble in the system, will display the device that is in trouble, and will show a trouble light. In addition, the fire alarm panel will send a signal to the district's security monitor office indicating that the system is in trouble mode and what device is in trouble.

If the fire alarm system indicates it is in trouble, then use the following procedures:

» Follow the Emergency Work Request procedures.

If you know how, you may silence the fire alarm trouble signal. Do not reset the fire alarm control panel. Notify the Facilities Department at 415-8202 to reset the fire alarm control panel.

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