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An "emergency" is defined as any event or condition that creates:

» Life-threatening situations or safety hazards.
» Conditions that impair the learning environment (e.g., no heat, no cooling, light and power outages, water service breaks, etc.).
» Conditions that make the building unsecured.

Each school or building has designated a person or persons to act as the Building Manager. If an emergency should occur, contact the Building Manager.

The Building Manager will call the emergency log secretary at once (telephone number 415-8202). Do not call the secretaries at their direct numbers to report emergencies, as they will not have access to the emergency log.

This call goes directly to the emergency log secretary, or in her absence, to one of the other Facilities Department secretaries. The emergency telephone does not have voice mail. This is to insure that a person takes the emergency call and has the opportunity to gather all pertinent information. If a call is placed to the emergency log telephone and the emergency log secretary is busy with another call, a recording will play advising that the emergency log secretary is helping someone else and to try back in a few minutes. The typical emergency log telephone call only lasts a minute or two, therefore continue attempting the call as the line should be available quickly.

If the situation is a life-threatening situation and the emergency telephone number is busy after two attempts, do not hesitate to contact the Security Monitor (telephone number 415-8200).

The Building Manager will report the emergency with as much information as he/she can provide. All emergency work requests are entered into the computerized maintenance management system as an emergency request and are part of a permanent record. The nature of the emergency determines the action taken. The emergency log secretary notifies the responsible supervisor or foreman. The responsible supervisor or foreman will determine the priority to place on the emergency work request in relation to the other emergency work requests already logged and assign the appropriate personnel to respond to the emergency.

In order to insure that "real" emergencies receive the attention and priority they deserve, regular work requests must not be called in to the emergency log secretary. If the request is determined not to be an emergency, the Building Manager will be notified to submit a regular work request. In some instances Facilities Department personnel may write the regular work request to assist in expediting the work request.

If an emergency call comes into the Facilities Department between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, weekends, or holidays, the call is forwarded to the Security Monitor (telephone number 415-8200).

The Security Monitor will contact the responsible supervisor or foreman. The Security Monitors are provided with home telephone numbers as well as pager numbers for all supervisors and foremen. The responsible supervisor or foreman will determine whether to bring in a craftsperson to respond to the emergency or wait until the next working day to respond to the emergency depending upon the nature of the emergency. A chain of emergency telephone numbers is provided to the Security Monitor and procedures are in place to handle all emergency conditions.

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