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Life Threatening
Gas Leak
Electrical Short
Asbestos Release
Broken Glass
Emergency/Exit Light Trouble
Fire Alarm Trouble

Impacting Instruction
Power Outage
Water/Sewer Break
PA Trouble
Telephone/Data Outage

Mechanical Equipment Trouble
Pest Control
Roof or Wall Leak

Building Security
Broken Exterior Door
Broken Exterior Window
Broken Skylight
Broken Roof Hatch

Emergency Work Request


This section contains information pertaining to procedures in the case of a facility related emergency.

Emergencies are categorized as either "life threatening", "impacting instruction", or "building security".

Please review this information thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the procedures to be taken in the event of a "life threatening" emergency.  In "life threatening" emergencies quick action is critical to insure the safety of students and staff.  Reviewing these procedures frequently will increase your understanding and make quick and proper action second nature when a "life threatening" emergency happens.

In almost all instances of an emergency, except fire and gas leaks or other noxious odors, the Facilities Department should be contacted first at the emergency telephone number. The emergency telephone numbers are 415-8202 Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. and 415-8200 for all other times.

The various facility related emergencies categorized as "life threatening" are:

» Fire
» Gas Leaks and Other Noxious Odor
» Electrical Shorts
» Asbestos Exposure
» Broken Glass
» Emergency and Exit Light Failures
» Fire Alarm System Failures

The various facility related emergencies categorized as "impacting instruction" are:

» Electrical Power Outages
» Water Line Breaks
» Sewer Line Breaks and Back-ups
» Mechanical Equipment Failures
» Telephone and Data Outages
» Roof Leaks
» Pests

The various facility related emergencies categorized as "building security" are:

» Broken Exterior Doors
» Broken Exterior Windows
» Broken Skylights and Roof Hatches

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