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Instruction for New Voice Mail

Parkway is installing a new and improved voice mail system effective Friday, August 14. This means that all current voice mailbox greetings will be deleted as of Friday and each employee should create a new personal greeting.

You will dial the normal 5-8000 to create a new greeting and access new messages on the system. To access your mailbox for the first time, you will use the initial default security code of 99 plus your five-digit extension (for instance, 9958100). The system will then walk you through setting up your new mailbox.

PLEASE NOTE: Any unheard or saved messages on the old system will still be accessible until Monday, August 24. After switching over to the new system on Friday, however, you will dial 5-8800 to access any old messages.

Please be patient as there may be some difficulties the first few days due to the large volume of staff recording and retrieving messages. If that should happen, please try again later. Questions? Call 5-8181, option 2.