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Technology Department

News October 2012

Thank You for the Spam, Keep it Coming!

With your help we have blocked over a dozen email domains that were flooding the district with hundreds of SPAM email messages. Please keep the SPAM email coming!

If addition to sending SPAM and phishing email to our techsecurity@parkwayschools.net email address, you can also take steps to protect yourself from unwanted SPAM. Please checkout the links below for more information on how to block spam in your inbox.

GroupWise Junk Mail Settings

Blocking Junk Mail in GroupWise

If you are receiving SPAM or phishing email please forward them to techsecurity@parkwayschools.net and we will do our best to stop them from coming to you in the future.  

Cyber Security Awareness Month!

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Please take a few minutes to check out some of the resources below to share with your students, parents and colleagues. As always, the Technology Department is available to help support protecting students online.

Resources and Handouts

National Bullying Prevention Center http://www.pacer.org/bullying/
Educause LOL OMG Webinar http://bit.ly/QKdYj5
Digital Citizenship http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/  
Cyberbullying Research Center http://www.cyberbullying.us/
National Crime Prevention Council http://www.ncpc.org/cyberbullying/    
Education.com http://www.education.com/topic/school-bullying-teasing/ 
Center for safe and responsible Internet use http://csriu.org/cyberbully/ 
Edutopia http://bit.ly/QKe3TZ
NYTimes Bully Resources http://nyti.ms/QKe9ux
The Bully Project http://thebullyproject.com/indexflash.html#/educators
Cyberbulling.info http://www.cyberbullying.info/resources/resources.php 
Stop Bullying.Gov http://www.stopbullying.gov/


Learn the Ropes on Digital Citizenship http://bit.ly/QKee1o
On Guard Online http://onguardonline.gov/media
Stop Cyberbullying.Org Alex Wonder Kid Cyber Detective http://bit.ly/QKehdH
Bullying at pppst.com http://facs.pppst.com/bullying.html
Stop Bullying Comic Challenge http://www.bitstripsforschools.com/stopbullying
Teaching Tolerance http://www.tolerance.org/search/apachesolr_search/bullying
Diigo http://www.diigo.com/list/abubnic/digital-citizenship_games


USA SOS http://usa-sos.org/
NASP Online http://www.nasponline.org/resources/cyberbullying/index.aspx 
Digital Citizenship and Creative Content http://digitalcitizenshiped.com/ 
Not in Our Schools http://www.niot.org/nios
Understanding YouTube and Digital Citizenship http://bit.ly/QKeSfi
The NetSmartz Five http://bit.ly/QKewW5
iSafe http://www.isafe.org/ 
Digi Teen http://digiteen.ning.com/
Common Sense Media http://bit.ly/QKeBsS


Stomp Out Bullying Blue Shirt Day, October 1, 2012 http://www.stompoutbullying.org/
Cyber Citizen Day October 12, 2012 http://cybercitizen.org/
Cyberbully Awareness Week November 12 – 17, 2012 http://www.bullyingawarenessweek.org/

Thank you to MOREnet for providing the resources listed above.

Campus Technology Access

Campus Technology Access, also referred to as CTA, is internet access for staff and student owned devices (cell phones, iPads, and tablets) through the Parkway network.

Our network and telcom teams worked hard over the summer upgrading our wireless infrastructure, in preparation for CTA. We are currently piloting CTA with ALL district staff, as well as students at Central Middle and North High. We have had a few bumps in the road with these pilot schools but look forward to bringing on more student personal devices later this fall!

You can find a PDF of the CTA guide by clicking here.

Cyber Security Resources

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