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Technology Department

Audio Visual Support

Parkway’s Technology department Audio Visual Services is available to assist you in your audiovisual needs, such as:

  • Portable address sound system
  • Sound trouble shooting
  • Videoconferencing







Portable address sound system:

  • The Audio Visual Services provides the following services:
  • Delivery and distribution of requested audio equipment,
  • Set-up and testing of equipment,
  • Assistance and instruction in the operation of the audio equipment, and retrieval of equipment.

For additional information concerning the Audio-Visual Services, contact Derek Duncan 314-415-8181


Videoconferencing is a practical and effective alternative in meeting educational or professional needs, saving time, money, and resources. Teaching, training, conferring, interviewing, and taking ITV field trips are just a few activities that work well with this technology.

Videoconferencing allows live two-way video and audio interaction between two or more sites. The distant site could be another school, business, or organization in Missouri area, or anywhere in the world. The conference could be point-to-point (one site connected to just one other site) or, using a Bridge (multiple sites connected together).

Assistance with subject matter and content providers, contact: http://www.csd.org/TechnologyVLC/New%20Links/programdescriptions.php