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Operations Staff

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Basic Computer Skills

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Technology Protect Yourself Workshops

Protect Yourself: Know the Electronic Use Policy and Protecting Passwords Protect yourself from digital dangers by learning the ins and outs of the Parkway School District Electronic Use Policy and password security. This class will take a detailed look at the fine print in the electronic use policy including, network etiquette, inappropriate behavior and privacy expectations. We will also look at best practices for protecting and streamlining password creation and usage. At the end of this class you will know how to create strong easy to remember passwords.

Protect Yourself:
Cybersecurity Awareness

This course will look at how to protect yourself and others online. We will discuss how to identify online fraud and malicious threats. We will look at some of the dangers of social networking and peer to peer file sharing. We will also look at resources and tools you can use to protect children online. This course will help you build a safe and secure online computing environment in both your home and in Parkway.

Protect Yourself:
Know How to Protect Your Parkway Laptop or Desktop

This course will look at how to protect your Parkway computer. We will discuss ways to physically protect your equipment during the school year and on the road. We will look at easy steps you can take to protect Parkway equipment from internal and external attackers. We will also cover some of the dangers of loading non-Parkway software or using non-Parkway equipment to do Parkway work.

Protect Yourself:
Know How to Fight Email Dangers

This course will look at the dangers that email brings into our environment. These days email is used to spread viruses, steal identities, and clog your inbox with spam. Don’t be a victim. Learn how to fight back and protect your identity, your computer and your inbox!