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Operations Staff

Operations Staff

What's New?

Computer Basics Class 8/24/12
(Oak Brook District Lab)

SMART Board  Information Resources

Operations Office Support Pay Bands and Current Job Descriptions

Click here for link to Learning Express computer application tutorials

Click here for the directions to register for Learning Express 

As you complete a level, look at the top right corner for Certificate. 
Click on Certificate which will display a dialog box for you to enter your full name.
Click Ok and it will create a certificate to print and send in Inter-Office mail to Elizabeth Mayes at ISC to enter into your PEERS profile.

If you are not able to create a certificate, send an email to Elizabeth Mayes about what course and level you completed  for entry into PEERS  

Click here to view the Operations Information & Resources Brochure

Click here for the Operations Procedures FAQs

Operations Staff will be engaged, valued and active partners in creating and maintaining a 21st century learning enviornment.

Build a collaborative, accountable learning organization through development, leadership, and service that advocates and provides quality professional development to an efficient and effective workforce.