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Operations Staff

Operations Staff

Fall Operations Staff Conference

Plan now to attend Operations Fall Conference
November 2, 2012 at West High.

Operations Fall Conference 2011
Keynote Speaker:   Bryan Townsend

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 Keynote Registration 






 New Era of Student Issues
with SRO Evan Waters




Ergonomics & Stretch session


 Ergonomics & Stretching





bryan townsend




Keynote Speaker: 
Bryan Townsend 









Prize Drawings:
Scott Bollman, Sharon Costanza (behind Scott) and Carol Tice




OPLT partial


Some of the OPLT members before registration
left to right: Marlene Pfeiffer, Trisha Brock, Debbie Cloud, Linda Smith








Lunch in the CHS Commons





Dr. Bradshaw



Dr. Bradshaw's 
How to Avoid Everyday Grammar Mistakes 






October 1, 2010 Fall Classified/Support Staff Conference

 Keynote Speaker Tony Ruesing






October 2, 2009 Classified/Support Staff Conference

Dr. Malito and Edie Varley






     2008 Keynote Speaker: 
              Patrick Adams

            Synergy Gets It Done!




Conference Data Review Fall 2004 - Spring 2007


Evaluation Data Fall 2004 - Spring 2007

Evaluation Charts Fall 2004 - Spring 2007
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