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Operations Staff

Operations Staff

Administrators/ Directors/ Managers


Administrative Secretary Orientation Plan

FAQs for Operations Staff Procedures 2011- 2012

Blackberry Tips/ Shortcuts

Hit F

To forward the message
Hit R To reply to message sender
Hit L To reply to all
Hit C To compose a message
Hit S To search and locate an email message
Hit the space bar once To move down a page (will take you from one day's email messages to the next day's email messages
Hold the Shift Key and hit the Space Bar To move up a page (will take you from one day's email messages to the previous day's email messages)
Hold a letter key for a second or two Turns a lower case letter into a captial
Hit the Space Bar two times (2x) Will automatically enter a period to text and make the next letter a capital letter to begin the next sentence

 In Calendar

Hit D  To view Day view of the calendar
Hit M To view Month view of the calendar
Hit W To view Week view of calendar
Hit A To view Agenda (different format view)
Hit M + Space Bar Moves to month ahead in whole month format



Click here to view Daniel Pink on Motivation from a TED talk (August 2009)



The White House Education Website


gold compassDistrict Administrator Standards

Workforce Time Card Approver Tip Sheet
gold compass  Administrator PGP

gold compass  Operations Staff PLP

gold compass  District Required Training

gold compass  Click here to access PEERS 

gold compass  Click here for Supervisor Tip Sheet for PEERS

 Manager Tools Podcast for workplace issues

Social Justice is a Diversity and Equity Training program for district Administrators, Management and Teachers.

construction hat and sign
Operations Professional Learning Communities are under development . More information to follow soon.