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Operations Staff

Operations Staff


MUNIS New Tips & Updates Workshop
10/3  8:00 - 9:30 am at Oak Brook District Lab
Send specific questions to Sue Reno in email before the class to have the topic addressed in the workshop


Infinite Campus Tips


Operations Office Staff Pay Bands and Current Job Descriptions


Learning Express Video Tutorials for Microsoft Office Applications

Directions to Register and use video tutorials


New Administrative Secretary Orientation Plan


2010 Excel/Printer Troubleshooting
If you are having trouble printing an Excel 2010 worksheet and have done all the usual troubleshooting steps  (the print preview looks good but the document prints differently) try this:

Go to Print
Click on Printer Properties
Use the Letter size drop down to select the same size paper as the original document was created as
Ensure that the orginal and your document are the same size
Then click Print

Check out these helpful resources:

Grammar Podcast resource link

Time management tips link

File Management Tips

Documents and Storage
Save, Move and Find Files
Customizing the My Documents Directory
Disk Drive Maintenance

303 Travel & 412 Expense Forms Information

303/412 Sample Exercise
*the exercise contains many possible situations--not everyone will have all of  the situations

Blank 303 Form
Sample Margo Brown Exercise on Expenses and Paperwork
303 Form completed per the Margo Brown Sample Exercise
Blank 412 Form