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Teachers & Administrators

Teachers & Administrators

Domains of Professional Practice

The Domains of Professional Practice Network is designed for new hires with 0 - 2 years in the profession.

Professional learning, support  and professional responsibility in the Domains of Professional Practice Network includes (but is not limited to):

  • Six Required Network Meetings
  • Six classroom coaching sessions with District Instructional Coach/Network Leader 
  • Weekly check-in with mentor
  • eFolio (the eFolio is the electronic data collection portfolio located in PEERS)

          Domains of Professional Practice Unit Plan


Network Leaders

District Instructional Coaches

Ann LoPiccolo (Elementary) Nancy Suiter (Middle) 
Jenny Proffitt (Central and Fern) Jim Hubbard (North High)
Michelle Dempsey (South High) Erica Rogers (West High)