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Teachers & Administrators

Teachers & Administrators

Elected Representative Job Description

Parkway Professional Learning Elected Team Member

PROFESSIONAL LEARNING- The term 'professional learning' means a comprehensive, sustained and intensive approach to improving teachers' and principals' effectiveness in raising student achievement (Learning Forward).

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Those who serve as elected teacher leaders of the Professional Learning Action Team (PLAT) members will:

·         Serve as liaison to school staff on district professional development initiatives (Professional Learning Communities, etc.);

·         Collaborate with the building principal to plan New Teacher Building Orientation  that is relevant, meaningful, and aligned with school/district goals(Paid for 6 hours – includes planning and attendance);

·         Coordinate mentor selection and assignment process with the school administrator responsible for professional learning;

·         Assess and prioritize colleagues’ learning needs and work with administrators to ensure professional learning is collaborative, relevant, meaningful, differentiated and aligned with school/district improvement goals;

·         Gather input on professional learning needs of the staff and report to district Professional Learning Action Team;

·         Evaluate building level Professional Learning (PL);

·         Attend monthly district level Professional Learning Action Team;

·         Submit attendance, evaluations and agendas for building professional learning days;

·         Oversight of professional learning budget via proposal scoring;

·         Workshop course scoring (electronic or on the designated scoring day);

·         Manage building specific duties/roles in accordance with the school principal;

·         Develop and use effective communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and collaboration strategies with teacher colleagues and administrators;

·         Respond to the diverse learning needs of colleagues as well as students by identifying and promoting a variety of appropriate professional learning opportunities.



·         Identify instructional concerns and remedies for beginning and experienced teachers;

·         Serve as a confidential consultant upon a teacher’s request;

·         Assess faculty needs and develop in-service opportunities for certified school staff; and

·         Present to the coordinator of staff development faculty suggestions, ideas, and recommendations pertaining to classroom instruction within the school district.



Stipend: $500 per year

Criteria for stipend: 

·         Attendance at Parkway Professional Learning Action team meetings

·         Updates on building level professional development (agendas)

·         Contribution to district PL evaluation, recommendations, and  implementation