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Special Services

Homebound Services

Homebound Instruction (HBI) is available to Parkway students using an application and approval process through the Special School District (SSD) of St. Louis County's Homebound Instruction Department. HBI provides access to curriculum and instruction for students who are determined to be unable to attend school for a period of time for medical, physical, and/or mental health reasons.

 Parkway Homebound Application/Approval Flowchart (July 2013)


SSD Homebound Dept. Website


SSD Homebound Policy & Procedures







NOTE:  Parkway generally does NOT use HBI for suspensions. In most cases, only the Med. (i.e., medical) column in Section V. will be used by Parkway staff. Generally, special education teachers complete the application and use the “I.E.P.” column for students who have an IEP.


Ø  If a student has a Section 504 disability (NO IEP), check "Non-Disabled Student” at the top of the application. HOWEVER, write “student has Section 504 disability” OR “student has Section 504 plan” (whichever is applicable) on the “Special request/instructions” line in Section V.


Ø  For Parkway VST students needing HBI services, check the “YES” box for “is the student a Voluntary Transfer Student (VICC)” in Section I. and contact the SSD HBI Department     (314-989-8307) directly for instructions.


According to the SSD HBI teacher handbook:


“Students who live within the St. Louis city limits and are attending a St. Louis County school as a Voluntary Transfer Student are eligible for homebound services as described above.


Services are to be provided in a St. Louis County location. Either the parent must transport the student to a location within the SSD boundaries or the Voluntary Interdistrict Coordinating Committee (VICC) will provide transportation for the student to the designated public county library. Coordination between VICC and the homebound teacher is required regarding the transportation schedule and the availability of the homebound teacher. If the student must remain in the city due to a medical condition, Special School District will make arrangement for the provision of services.”


Ø  Parkway has approved the use of the SSD’s HOPE curriculum for high school and middle school HBI students under certain circumstances and with some specific requirements (i.e., a “highly qualified teacher” in that content/course area must agree to be listed as the “teacher of record”). Use of the HOPE curriculum instead of traditional HBI (1-to-1 instruction) is to be agreed upon by the school BEFORE beginning the HOPE curriculum. HBI students may take as many courses through HOPE as they can manage, but usually not more than would be taken if attending school.


A student's Parkway transcript will reflect HOPE curriculum courses as follows:


  • If a student with a disability’s IEP or Section 504 Plan recommends HBI for the student as a means of providing access to instruction and curriculum, HOPE courses will be reported on the transcript under the student’s Parkway high school or middle school name. The course name will include “* HOPE” to indicate it was the HOPE curriculum and that it is “modified” curriculum credit (i.e., not a traditional, approved Parkway course).


  • For ALL other situations/students, the transcript will list the SCHOOL as “SSD HOPE Program” and the course name will include “* HOPE” to indicate it was the HOPE curriculum and that it is “modified” curriculum credit (i.e., not a traditional, approved Parkway course). Such HOPE courses will be treated the same as a course “transferred in” from another school. However, grades will be counted in a student’s GPA since Education Options is accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.


An HBI teacher is to send a final report and grade(s) to the student’s guidance counselor, who will ensure the grade is entered into Infinite Campus.