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Voluntary Student Transfer

Dates to Remember

APRIL 27, 2011: All VST students who have applied for summer by this date must be enrolled in Infinite Campus.

 MAY 2, 2011: Summer school coordinators/secretaries will start using the SUMMER SCHOOL ONLY PUPIL DATA FORM to request summer school transportation for VST students. Completed forms are to be faxed to VICC transportation at (314)721-4531.

MAY 20, 2011: VICC will guarantee first day of summer school transportation for summer school transportation requests received by this date. Students added after this date will be allowed to use the closest bus stop available on the first day of summer school.

MAY 27, 2011: VICC will print & mail summer school transportation cards to VST families. Transportation for VST students added on or after this date will go into effect on the second day of summer school.