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Voluntary Student Transfer


  • To arrange transportation for a student enrolled after summer school has started, please complete a SUMMER SCHOOL ONLY PUPIL DATA FORM and fax it to the VICC Transportation office (314-721-4531) before 10 a.m. Student should be directed to use the closest bus stop available until an official bus stop is assigned.
  • Parents should call their child's school to report a change of address. During summer school, address changes should be faxed to the VICC Transportation Office daily (SUMMER SCHOOL ONLY PUPIL DATA FORM). Please indicate if the address change is only for the summer months. If the change of address is for the upcoming school year, the new address needs to be e-mailed to Michelle Wiley or Mary Fischer in the Parkway VST Office to ensure transportation is set up for the first day of school. The students who have new addresses may be instructed to use the closest bus stop until a new bus stop is assigned.
  • After the first few days of summer school, the VICC Transportation staff will make reasonable and necessary modifications to the bus runs to accommodate all students.