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Voluntary Student Transfer


Summer School Transportation Procedures For VST Students

  • VICC Transportation Lists will not be sent to Summer School Coordinators this year. Instead, the Parkway VST office will complete the transportation print-outs and send them back to VICC. The names of VST students signed up for summer school will be pulled from Infinite Campus on April 27, 2011. Please make sure all VST students who have submitted summer school applications are registered in Infinite Campus by this date. 
  • After April 29, 2011, the VICC Transportation office must be notified in writing of students to be added, changed or deleted from the original list. Use the SUMMER SCHOOL ONLY PUPIL DATA FORM to add, change or delete individual students. Fax completed forms to the VICC Transportation Office -(314)721-4531. Transportaton information for students that are added or changed will be faxed back to the summer school coordinator.
  • If a student is or becomes homeless, has a DFS placement, or is a Foster child, please indicate on SUMMER SCHOOL ONLY PUPIL DATA FORM.
  • Transportation for the first day of summer school is not guaranteed for students added after May 20, 2011.
  • The Parkway VST Office will receive bus routes one week before summer school starts. Summer School transportation lists will be sent to summer school coordinators and secretaries.
  • VICC will mail transportation notification cards to students on May 27, 2011. Schools will be responsible for forwarding transportation arrangements to parents of students enrolled after this date.
  • Please refer to the guidelines in the VICC Transportation Guidelines & Policies handbook, Section 5, (pages 5 & 6).