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Maintenance of Education Cumulative Folders

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Sections of Folders
Students Coming From Home School
Paperwork to be stored in Cumulative, Class I Folder
Paperwork to be Stored in Class II Folder
Paperwork to be Stored in Class III Folder
Steps to be taken when student withdraws
Updating Cumulative Folder When Student Withdraws from Elementary School
Updating Cumulative Folder When Student Withdraws from Middle School
Updating Cumulative Folder When Student Withdraws from High School
Procedures for Withdrawing Students Because of Excessive Absences
Procedures for Students Entering Special School Vocational Skills Program (VSP)
Who must have a cumulative folder?
ALL STUDENTS ENROLLED IN A PARKWAY SCHOOL DISTRICT BUILDING AND ATTEND AT LEAST PART OF A DAY (i.e., general education, special education, English as a Second Language Program, Dual Enrollment) must have an education and health cumulative folder. (Health folder is to be maintained by school nurse.) All sections must be completed whether student attended only one hour, 1/2 day, or the entire school year.
How does school obtain new folders?
Email Mary Theriot at mtheriot@parkwayschools.net for supply of folders. PSD Form #206
How and where are cumulative folders of previous students maintained?
Students who previously attended a Parkway school will already have a cumulative folder established. Please contact the previous Parkway school, if record is current or student was withdrawn for less than one year, or contact Whitney Cameron by email at wcameron@parkwayschools.net.
What type of ink should be used in cumulative folder?
All required data is to be typed or written in BLACK INK. The records will eventually be microfilmed. Black ink is the only color that microfilms well.
What should be recorded in each section of cumulative folder?
1.     Front Panel - Standardized Test Scores – Previous Non-Parkway School
        Record test scores from previous schools. WISC, WAIS, etc. tests scores may also be recorded here. Parkway standardized test scores will be printed from report in PARS when student leaves the district.
2.     Back Panel
  • Use this page if space is not available on inside of folder to record Records of Transcripts sent.
  • If information is recorded on this page, the student’s legal name must be recorded at top of page.
3.     Top Section on the Inside of the Cum Folder
        The following information is to be filled out for ALL students:
·      Legal name on tab (Name on birth certificate or appropriate court document.) Include full middle name.
·      When a student uses a name other than their legal name, record LEGAL Name on the Educational record. Use the format below for recording both legal and nicknames.
·         (LEGAL NAME) in parenthesis, Name student is known by at school is underlined. When legal name is not used, underline name used.
·         SAMPLE: Kent, (Clark) Superman or (Clemens, Samuel)  Twain, Mark
·         When a student changes usage of his/her first or middle name, i.e., from first to middle, please record both names in full indicating legal first and middle names. Underline name used by student.
·         SAMPLE:
was -- Fitzgerald, Francis S.
now wants to be -- Fitzgerald, F. Scott
                record both names -- Fitzgerald, Francis Scott
·         Repeat legal name inside of folder
·         Indicate gender
·         Date of Birth
·         Birth Certificate Number and place of birth
·         Social Security Number
·         Student Identification Number (both CIMS and IC if applicable)
·         [Entered From:]
·         List the name and city of previous school attended
·         Date is first school day attended in Parkway
·         Grade level
·         [Transferred To:]
·         The appropriate statement should be recorded in the first box:
·         NAME/PLACE OF SCHOOL - student will be attending.
·         UNKNOWN - if you do not know where student will be attending. (Rarely used)
·         DROPPED - use only for students 17 or over and have gone through the process of formally dropping out of school. Do not state the reason for the “drop” on the cumulative folder. (Ex., GED)
·         STUDENT EXPELLED BY THE PARKWAY BOARD OF EDUCATION - student was expelled by Board of Education. The withdrawal date should be the date that the Board of Education expelled the student.
·         DECEASED - student who passes away while still enrolled as a student, write in the word “deceased” on cum folder with date to correspond with attendance secretary’s record (last school date attended). If student had already left Parkway and school still has folder, write in the word “deceased” on same line, but also include date.
·         NAME OF INSTITUTION - a student is hospitalized and is withdrawn from school for attendance purposes, record information on the cumulative folder by writing in name of institution in place of the word “hospitalized/medical.” This would be considered a withdrawal.
·         Date student withdrew. Withdrawal date should be the last day the student attended.
·         The withdrawal date for VST withdrawal form, cum folder, and IC will all be the same with the following exception:   if student withdraws between the last day of school and the first day of the next school year, IC will reflect the first day of the next school year date and cumulative folder will reflect the May date.
·         If student attended summer school (third semester) and transferred out at that time, use the date of the last day of summer school in the cumulative folder.
·         Grade level
·         Enter grade level student is enrolled in currently.
·         If student was promoted to next grade level, enter that grade level.
·         What should be recorded if a student transfers from one Parkway School to another Parkway School?
If a student transfers from one Parkway school to another DO NOT record the name of a previous Parkway school in the [Enter From:] or [Transfer To:] boxes. Mobility section of cumulative folder is for out-of-district transfers only.
4.     Bottom Section on the Inside of the Cumulative Folder.
·         Whenever a copy of a transcript is sent out of the district to a third party, it must be recorded in the “RECORD OF TRANSCRIPTS SENT” section. 
·         Date, where copy was sent, address, and initials of person sending record are to be recorded. 
·         BLACK INK must be used in this section as well. 
·         Transcripts sent through Naviance must be recorded as well. See Instructions for “Report from Naviance.” Place this report in folder for permanent record.
·         Do not record when a student or parent is given a copy of the student’s record.
·         Do not record what transcript/record was sent.
·         Use back of folder if there is no more space in this section.
Should all test scores/results, grades, absences, etc. available from other schools outside of district attended be recorded in Parkway cumulative folder?
Yes, all test scores/results, grades, absences, etc. from other schools outside of district attended should be recorded in the cumulative folder.
What is the record-keeping procedure for students who are two years behind in reading at the end of the sixth grade?
If a student is two years behind in Reading by the end of the Sixth Grade, it must be noted on the student's permanent record. The sticker should be removed when the student is reading at grade level.
Following is the procedure to be used:
1.     The Literacy Specialist in each middle school will communicate the student's name to the registrar.
2.     The sticker should be as follows: READING IMPROVEMENT PLAN  
Place the sticker on the transcript when printed.
3.     The Literacy Specialist must also contact the Communication Arts Secretary in order for the secretary to add the RIP (Reading Improvement Plan) tag in IC. Inside the tag, the date the tag was added will be recorded.
4.     When the student reaches appropriate grade level in reading, the Literacy Specialist will let the registrar and Communication Arts Secretary know and the tag and sticker will be removed from the student's record.
5.     If the student never obtains grade level, then the sticker and tag will not be removed.
Where should test scores applicable to high school students be recorded?
High School SAT/ACT Testing stickers will be placed on PSD form #206A, High School SAT/ACT Testing.
How does school obtain PSD form #206A, High School SAT/ACT Testing?
Email request to Mary Theriot at mtheriot@parkwayschools.net with number of inserts needed.
What are the procedures for enrolling and reviewing credit for a student who has been home schooled?
The Subject Department Chair will review materials provided by student and family to decide current placement. After student has completed one semester of study in a Parkway High School, the high school’s Academic Review Committee will determine which graduation requirements the home schooling experience has satisfied. Parkway credit will not be given for this learning. Course work required for graduation and mastered through home schooling will be recorded on the transcript and followed by the designation “HS” for home school. The Academic Review Committee will then develop with the student and parents a program of studies that, if completed satisfactorily, will earn a Parkway diploma. Because the program of studies could reflect the mastery of some graduation requirements through home schooling for which no credit is given, this program of studies could require less than 24 units of credit. If this is the case the following statement should be included in the cumulative folder:
Principal Signature
See Parkway School District Policies, IKF, Diploma Requirements, Guideline
What paperwork should be stored in EDUCATION CUMULATIVE FOLDER (CLASS I) while the student is attending a Parkway School?
·         Proofs of residency (bank account numbers must be blacked out)
·         Residency Waivers (ex., Hardship Waiver, PSD Form 281, NonResident No Tuition Waiver, etc.)
·         Residency Letters
·         Report cards
·         Copy of Birth Certificate
·         Copy of Special Assignment
·         Parkway Early Childhood screening/summary sheets (may be destroyed after student has completed Third Grade.)
·         Home School program (home teaching) letter of notification (Copy must be sent to Mary Theriot, ISC.)
·         Academic records originated by school/district other than Parkway (may be destroyed after recorded on cum folder or in IC)
·         Parkway Second Look progress report
·         Legal documents (Power of Attorneys, custody papers, Restraining Order, legal name change documentation, etc.)
·         Request for student records
·         Current copy of the Special School District Individualized Education Program (IEP), (past IEP’s should be destroyed.)
·         Current copy of Parkway Individualized Accommodation 504 Plan (IAP)
What paperwork should be stored in CLASS II FILES?
The Class II files are not to be filed with the cumulative folders. The files may be located with the Parkway faculty member who handles these concerns. Class II files should not have school name or grade on label. This file is part of a student’s record.
The following documents should be stored in a Class II file:
·         Special Education Evaluation/Diagnostic Report
·         Disability Related Parent Notification forms (ex., screening review letter, joint review letter, notice of action)
·         PSD Form #285 "Section 504 ONLY Eligibility Determination"
·         Copy of "Automatic" Section 504 letter that is sent home to parents.
·         Manifestation Determination Form for Students with Section 504 or Suspected Disabilities
·         Parkway psychological/psycho-educational reports
·         Parkway Reading case report
·         Parkway Gifted Education report
·         Parkway Gifted Program progress report/assessments: Student Performance Evaluation (Distributed to parent, classroom teacher, and G/T teacher. The copy given to the classroom teacher should be filed in the cum folder.)
·         Individual Test Score Summary Sheet (ex., WISC-R, WISC-III, GATES-MACGINITIE, DRP)
·         Parental Consent Forms (ex., Parent Authorization for Individual Assessment, Modified Curriculum/Credit Forms, Release of Information forms, etc.)
·         Absence Letters
·         Joint Review Notice--yellow copy
·         Title I Student Summary Profile for Reading Intervention
·         DRA Observation Guide--Reading Assessment
·         Results of ELL Screening Form
·         ELL Mainstream Form
NOTE: Use sticker on the cum folder for the following Class II files for cross referencing:
·         Psychological/psycho-educational reports from outside agencies/professionals
·         Written communication from outside agencies and professionals (ex., private evaluation report)
·         Confidential reports sent by outside agencies and professionals
·         All Suspension Letters
·         Discipline Packets
·         VST information sheet (This may be kept in a file containing all of the schools VST student sheets. A Class II file does not have to be started if there is no other information to be added to the file.)
·         Care Team Forms
What paperwork should be stored in CLASS III FILES?
·         Confidential/Personal Interview Notes(Does not need to be released unless shown to another person other than substitute.)
·         Letter of recommendation
·         Disciplinary notes
·         Files should be stored in principal’s office.
When should Class II and Class III folders be destroyed?
Class II folders should not be destroyed until the end of the following school year after student has left the Parkway School District.
What steps should be taken when a student withdraws?
1.     When a student withdraws, drops, graduates, or is expelled, the cumulative folder should be removed from current record files and stored in “drop file” by school year. The folder should be checked for accuracy and the [TRANSFER TO:] section should be completed. 
2.     Refer to IC Manual for instruction on how to withdraw a student on IC.
·         Registrar will print out Official Transcript and place in folder when student withdraws or is promoted to middle school. See INSTRUCTIONS TO PRINT ELEMENTARY GRADES – CUMULATIVE FOLDER.
·         If a student leaves the district after a grading period has started, withdrawal grades must be posted if student attended one month or more.
·         It should be noted on the grade report, if a student withdraws and no grades were given because student attended less than a month of a trimester. Note should include School, Grade, Year, and “NO GRADES GIVEN.”
·         Grades and course of study/subjects are to be included on official transcript for grades 3-5. It is not required to post grades for Kindergarten, Grades One and Two. Name of school, teacher name, school year, grade level, and absences are to be recorded for all grades.
·         Registrar will print out “STANDARDIZED TEST REPORT” and place in the folder only when student withdraws from the district. Do not place this report in folder when student is promoted to middle school. See INSTRUCTIONS TO PRINT STANDARDIZED TEST REPORT FOR STUDENT PERMANENT RECORD.
·         Registrar will print out immunization records from IC and place in folder.
·         Registrar will print out Official Transcript from IC and place in folder when student withdraws or is promoted to high school.
·         If a student leaves the district after a grading period has started, withdrawal grades must be posted if student attended one month or more. Registrar may print out grade report from IC and place in folder or record withdrawal grades on printed official transcript.
·         It should be noted on the transcript, if a student withdraws and no grades were given because student attended less than a month of a trimester. Note should include School, Grade, Year, and “NO GRADES GIVEN"