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Student Attendance

Excused/Unexcused Absences

EXCUSED absences include the following:
  1. Illness of the student (In some cases, documentation from appropriate licensed professionals may be required for an excused absence.)
  2. Death in the student’s immediate family
  3. Days of religious observance
  4. Medical or dental appointments
  5. Court Appearance
  6. Quarantine or hospital confinement
  7. Medical, mental health/psychological, or substance abuse treatment when documented by appropriate licensed professionals
  8. Field trips or other school initiated absences
  9. An emergency that, in the judgment of the principal, constitutes a reasonable cause of absence from school (Oversleeping, car trouble, running parental /guardian errands, babysitting and other such circumstances do not constitute reasonable cause for being absent from school.)
  10. Attendance at a district approved alternative educational setting/program such as the Alternative Discipline Center or GOLD Star  (In cases where lack of transportation, illness, or other mitigating circumstances that prevent a student from attending a district program, the principal will determine whether a student shall receive credit.)
UNEXCUSED absences are those that do not fall within the areas listed above and include vacations, visiting out-of-town relatives, or participating in non-school sponsored activities or events.
Students are required to be in class on time. The student is responsible for being present and ready to learn when the class is scheduled to begin.