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Student Attendance

Special School District Student Attendance


Attendance should be recorded on all students, including Phase II Special School District students who are attending classes in Parkway schools.  These are students who are in a special educational setting more than fifty percent (50%) of the school day.  These students should be included on attendance sheets.  The state has now mandated that the home school district will report attendance to the state.


Home Bound Attendance – Special Services Secretary will email the names of students in Home Bound Instruction with start and end dates.  Students should be marked absent when appropriate.  Attendance will be corrected through DESE in July or August.


GOLD Star (GS) Students – Students should be marked absent with appropriate suspension code. 

  • Special Services Secretary will go back and adjust, as student receives GS services. 
  • If student is placed in GS through the IEP, he will be transferred to the Non-Parkway School and will not need attendance taken.
  • With special circumstances regarding GS, please call Special Services Secretary at  5-8071, to work out any issues.