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Barretts students Skype with parent based in in Iraq

Second grade students at Barretts Elementary Skyped with a student's father who is serving in the Army Reserves based in Iraq.  Teacher Paige Nilson is turning a challenging family situation into a service project and learning experience for her class.  Each student has been assigned a soldier as a pen pal and the students are learning to write letters.


Watch the news stories that aired on KSDK, channel 5 and KTVI, channel 2


Colonel Peter Ries is the Staff Judge Advocate, 103d Expeditionary Sustainment Command, stationed at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.  The103d has up to 8000 Soldiers and is in charge of all transportation and supplies in Iraq.  The unit is in charge of moving all equipment and personnel out of Iraq as part of the Iraq draw-down.  Peter started his deployment in February 2010 and will be home in April 2011.