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Students and Staff at Parkway's McKelvey Elementary School Honor Retiring Principal

Students and staff at Parkway’s McKelvey Elementary School honored their retiring principal, Dr. Bruce by hosting “Dr. Knight Day.”  Staff, parents and students dressed up like their beloved principal to honor Knight who retires at the end of the school year.  The look-alikes wore the legendary Knight mustache and tie; and some also sported his customary handkerchief. 
During a surprise ceremony the circle/street in front of the school was named Dr. Knight Fairway after Knight, an avid golfer.  Knight said, “If you know anything about golf I’m never in the fairway – this is my first time.”  In addition, gifts of gardening tools, golf items and other presents were presented to Knight to help him celebrate this special day.
Dr. Bruce Knight has been the school’s principal for 19 years.  Alli Rudich, assistant principal, has been appointed the new principal of McKelvey Elementary School, effective July 1.