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Making up the snow days

As of today, Parkway will need to make up three school days in order to complete the total number of days and hours required by Missouri law. The three make-up days have been established as follows:

1.     Friday, February 18 (before Presidents' Day weekend)

2.     Friday, April 29

3.     Friday, May 27 morning only (half day)

Based on this schedule, May 26 will become a full day for K-8, not a half day as originally scheduled. Grades 9-12 will follow their normal final exam schedule of morning half days for the last three days of school. The last day of school for all students will be a half day in the morning on Friday, May 27.

Because of other missed days, students at Claymont Elementary, South High and those in the afternoon kindergarten program will have to make up additional time. Make-up days and times for those students will be announced as soon as possible.