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A regal May Day parade

May Day Queens photoA Pierremont Elementary School teacher of the year and two retirees were crowned the “Queens of May” in the school’s recent May Day Parade and celebration. In case you weren’t able to attend, we present these royal photos for viewing.

The queens are Dolores Mayfield, principal’s secretary who retires after 41 years; Sharon Neuner, a retiring teacher, and Michelle Braungardt, a teacher of the year. As royalty often does, these queens traveled in a horse-drawn carriage during the parade, waving at the crowd of cheering students and parents who blew bubbles.

May Pole DanceAfter the parade, a “regal” guard, (a.k.a. safety resource officer) bowed to each queen as he escorted her out of the carriage and onto the school’s outdoor playground, where a queenly court had been set up. Students placed flowers at the queens’ feet, played music, sang and performed spring dances from around the world.