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Parkway G.Y.M. 2005 - 50 Days of Fun Family Fitness

The Parkway G.Y.M. (Get Yourself Moving) challenge will kick off Friday, March 12 in Parkway schools and will culminate on Saturday, April 30 at the 50th Anniversary torch run. During these fifty days, students and families are challenged to participate in a physically active lifestyle. The goal for children is to be active 60 minutes per day (3000 minutes total) and for adults the goal is to be active 30 minutes per day (1500 minutes total). Almost any physical activity is sufficient as long as you are moving! Parkway schools are also challenged, as each school that meets its goal will receive a banner for all participants to sign and proudly display. Look for more information at your neighborhood school. You can download and print additional copies of the G. Y. M. Brochure and Activities Log from the link below.