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Parkway Planning for Cold Weather - 01/14/09

Dear Parkway Families,

With temperatures expected to drop to their lowest in several years tomorrow, I want to let you know a few things we are doing to prepare for the cold weather and share some reminders to help keep students safe and warm. As it stands now, I anticipate school will be open tomorrow.
Here are some things we do in extremely cold weather:

1. Parkway bus engines are connected to heaters overnight to ensure the buses start and arrive at your child's bus stop on time.

2. To keep schools warm and comfortable when students arrive in the morning, we do not reduce the heat overnight as we ordinarily do to conserve energy. This also helps keep the pipes from freezing.

3. Students are not permitted to go outside for recess or gym class.

Here are some things you can do to help us keep students warm:

1. Make sure your child is dressed warmly in loose-fitting layers - this includes gloves, hats, scarves and appropriate footwear.

2. Your Parkway bus should arrive within five minutes of its assigned time. That said, you may wish to let your child wait in a car with you until the bus arrives (or make arrangements for several children to wait together in one car). This is particularly applicable if your child attends Parkway through the Voluntary Student Transfer (VST) program, since some VST routes may run late.

3. If your child walks to school, please try to make arrangements for the child to be given a ride to school.

Using the National Weather Service temperature guide, we will continue to monitor the wind chill index and let you know immediately if the decision is made to cancel school. Thanks for your help over the next few days to keep all our students safe and warm.


Robert Malito, Ph.D.